Dream Room

By on 10th November in Our Company News

What would be your dream room? I think mine would be a bright, peaceful, colourful room, with a big, comfortable sofa, a small coffee table and wooden flooring, with a great view to admire the garden’s vibrant flowers and playful wildlife. A conservatory is probably the best type of room to fit this dream and I am not alone in the desire to build one on my home.

A recent survey by Onepoll came to the conclusion that a conservatory is among the specifications to make the ideal home in Britain. A conservatory offers you something unique by giving you a warm, cosy room to gaze out into the world. Abigail Owens, design director at Carolyn Parker Interior Design, says “It’s very calming to lose yourself in a view.”

Stunning views outside of the relaxing conservatory

Abilgail also states that you should think about where you put your conservatory on your home to ensure you have privacy. There is nothing worse than having a nosey neighbour staring at you whilst you’re trying to relax. Putting in uplights outside your conservatory windows can prevent people seeing in during the evening, and blinds are also a good way to deny the neighbours any views into your conservatory, also helping insulate the room too. A conservatory is a great way to add value and extra space to your home.

The Onepoll survey also discovered that other ways to create the perfect home was by having a study, utility room, dining room and breakfast room, all of which a conservatory can serve as. My mum uses her conservatory as a dining room and it always makes meals a little more fun as you are surrounded by the gorgeous colours of the garden and it brings you closer to nature and the great outdoors. On a clear night, a moonlit conservatory gives particularly stunning views of the stars through a glass roof, and is incredible for romantic nights in.

If you could describe your perfect room what would it be like? Would it be a conservatory or something else? We at Anglian would love to hear from you, so leave a comment at the bottom about your dream room.

African themed conservatory


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