Do You Shop on Your Mobile Phone?

By on 21st April in Garden, Our Company News

Now that mobile phones are so high-tech, you can do pretty much anything on them, but do you do your shopping on it?

Various companies have now got apps to do your shopping, or have a mobile website to make your online shopping experience easier, but do you trust it? How many of us actually use it?

Well, a recent study by Morgan Stanley suggests that by 2014 mobile internet access will overtake desktop PC access, meaning we will probably shop more on our phones than on our computers!

We are shopping more on our mobile phones

Thanks to purchasing on the internet becoming a huge success on computers, and the smartphones introduction to the internet, it is no surprise that people are now comfortable purchasing items on their mobile. John Lewis, ASOS and New Look have all launched their own mobile buying technology through a smartphone, making it easier for you to get the items you require at the click of a button.

I think being able to buy on your phone is brilliant, it is convenient for when you are sat on the train to work, you need a new LBD (little black dress for the men illiterate to female lingo), it is so easy to go onto your phone, get on ASOS and buy one. The only problem I see with this is, if you are a traditional buyer, who likes to touch and feel the item before buying it, but you can always take it back if you dislike it!

Screen size and connection are other potential problems that might put you off shopping on your phone, but with the zoom ability now available on most smartphones, you can check out the little details and make sure it is the item you need, and there are Wi-Fi areas in many local cafes, bars and librarys.

Research by Simpson Carpenter found that 27 of people have used their phone to purchase an item, with 50 saying they would consider buying goods in this way in the next year!

Being able to book hotels and travel tickets on your phone has also helped the increase in the amount of purchases done through a smartphone, and this number is going to continue to increase as more and more people move to a smartphone.

I think this is also ideal for people who hate to do the food shopping! 11 of users currently do the weekly groceries shop on their phones, meaning you don’t have to trawl the aisles, you can sit with your feet up while Tesco runs around for you. Convenience and ease is key to the smartphones success!

Shopping a thing of the past?

Simpson Carpenter’s research suggests that the trend of people buying on their mobile phones is going to grow by at least 100 in some sectors, including clothing, groceries, hotels and large appliances, which means if your business isn’t taking advantage of this fact, you need to get involved soon!

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