Did You See Anglian on DIY SOS?


Last Thursday DIY SOS travelled down to Littlehampton on the south coast, to help out Mike and his two sons. They had a horrible couple of years thanks to some rogue tradesmen, leaving them with a dilapidated cottage, in desperate need of some tlc.

With the help of local tradesman, friends and family, as well as the DIY SOS team, they set out to transform the whole house, including every room and even calling in Anglian to fit a conservatory.

Mike paid out £38,000 to a “specialist” who started doing work on the house, only to disappear slowly after five months, leaving behind a house that leaks, had an 8 foot square hole in the living room and is dusty, which caused his son to have asthma attacks.

This had left Mike depressed, out of work and desperate to finally make his house a home for him and his sons.

The DIY SOS team, along with the local community and tradesmen donated their time to renovate the tiny cottage from a ruin to a modern, wonderful home, with a luxurious conservatory!

The Anglian team spent hours making sure the ground was stable enough to withstand the weight of the conservatory. They discovered the house was built on sand, which was not a sturdy enough base due to water being absorbed into it.

To counter this problem the Anglian Conservatory team had to put foundations down to 13.5 metres to make sure the conservatory was safe. They then used an instrument to measure the pressures on the foundations by pulling the foundation poles up with 5 tons of pressure to see if the sand at a shallower depth is stable enough to keep them in the ground. As the foundations were thankfully stable they could then continue to build the conservatory!

After 9 days of strenuous work, the home was complete, with a sleek kitchen, cosy bedrooms, fancy living room and a gorgeous conservatory. Mike and his two sons could not have been happier with the finish, with Mike shedding a few tears understandably.

Man drilling

Don’t miss DIY SOS this Thursday as they renovate a house in Nottingham, in which Anglian help the team again by installing new windows and rooftrim!

Shaun was building an extension onto the house his children and their mother lived, giving them room to grow, but sadly he died before it was finished, leaving a reminder of such a tragedy. That was until his best mate wrote in to DIY SOS to see if they could rectify the extension and grant Shaun’s wish.

The Anglian team went in to the house to fit 10 of our uPVC windows, a door and to put in 33 metres of rooftrim!

One member of our team told of how the family and friend who wrote in were over the moon with the transformation, although he found it chaotic at times as there were so many people in such close proximity!

So, tune in to BBC one at 8 o’clock Thursday night to see how an extension is transformed from a draughty shell into a family friendly, warm space for the children.

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