Could pitch conditions have influenced the game?

By on 24th January in Our Company News

Norwich R.F.C. travelled to Basildon R.F.C.  for their recent game.

The day started with a change of pitch from the Basildon home ground, where the pitch condition was unsuitable due to weather conditions, to a firmer pitch with a slope… owned by the local council.

Norwich felt they had a good change of winning this game following their last meeting with Basildon, and started the game positively by driving the game down the pitch.  They used their position well to attack the home team and secured good possession of the ball, but found it hard to break through their defence.  The Basildon players were not going to be overrun and asserted themselves.  However, after a number of errors by both sides and with the flow of the game seeming to reach stalemate at times, the whistle was blown for half time.  The score was at 5 -5.


Basildon away -11

While they are occupied, I will just slip around the edge

Basildon away-1

Chris Wall makes his first start for the 1st XV

Basildon away-3

Hold old tight, stay upright!

Basildon away-5

Tom Whiskin almost at the line

Basildon away-7

Matt Girling

Basildon away-9

Norwich on the break

The second half started with Norwich conceding too many penalties to the home side.  Basildon gained momentum and position on the field, despite Norwich’s best efforts. The teams’ scores swung both ways from winner to loser during the second half, before the final whistle was blown.

The final score was Basildon 15 –  Norwich 13

For the full match report by Andy Ball click here

Andy Micklethwaite, Press & Publicity General Committee member said “It’s getting very tense with so few points between Norwich & Stowmarket in the relegation battle and Norwich need to regain their pre-Christmas form soon before they leave themselves with too much to do”.

Norwich – who are sponsored by Anglian Home Improvements – will play their next game on the 25th January at home, against Chelmsford, and the following game will be at home on the 1st February against Diss.

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