Confident Christian Thinks he can Smash 3 Peaks Challenge

By on 5th September in Our Company News

As you may be aware some employees at Anglian Home Improvements are taking part in the Anglian 3 Peak Challenge, raising money for Brain Tumour UK. Christian Hansen is the youngest participant and most will be expecting him to finish first with youth on his side. I caught up with Christian to see how confident he really is and why he wants to do this insane challenge.

Christian Hansen one participant of the Anglian 3 Peak Challenge

First of all Christian, why are you taking part in this challenge?

“I am doing this challenge for two reasons; 1 is because it is always nice to have an opportunity to do something which will result in helping others and Brain Tumour UK is such a great charity, I just had to do my bit. Secondly the 3 Peaks Challenge is a well known, tough challenge which I want to be able to say ‘I have completed that’.”

What sort of training are you doing? Are you at your physical peak?

” Not yet, I have done an average amount of training, nothing more than what I would normally to keep fit anyway, however I have partaken on walks around Mousehold with Mhairi, Sandra and Alpesh who are also taking part in the challenge. I also recently completed Scafell Pike with Neil, Sandra, Alpesh and Paul Hair, although I can’t remember the finishing time, it was great experience for the actual challenge. On Saturday 1st September, Neil, Emma and myself completed the Yorkshire 3 Peaks Challenge in 9 hours 44 minutes and 17 seconds, which destroyed the challenge time of 12 hours. This has raised my confidence in that this national 3 Peaks is not only doable, but we can do it in a very good time (as long as the traffic isn’t bad).”

This is the big question, do you think you will complete it?

“Yes, I think we can smash it.”

Finally, what are your top tips to ensure you all have a safe and fun journey up and down the mountains?

” Here are a few things that I would highly recommend;

  • insoles for your boots as they will help reduce shock to your knees,
  • spare shoe laces
  • lots of bananas, water, high energy snacks and try to have a pasta dinner the night before for slow release energy
  • wear lots of layers, Scafell particularly gets very cold at night)”

Thanks Christian, good luck with the climb, we look forward to hearing from you afterwards.

To show your support for Christian and all of the others taking part in this mountainous challenge, please donate using their Just Giving page or use the QR code below.

Anglian 3 Peak Challenge QR code

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