Climate Week – Day 2


As Climate week continues, businesses, teachers and government leaders are pushing for a more eco-friendly world, one that is more resourceful and a world that is not all about taking, but also giving something back.

Our second tip to a greener future is, if you have the money and are looking to buy a new car, why not look at an energy efficient car?


Where am I going to get one of them you say? You will be surprised at the amount of motor companies that are now making energy efficient cars.

For starters there’s the Toyota Prius T3, which is world famous for being one of the most popular energy efficient cars. The T3 is the latest version and comes with 15 inch alloy wheels, which are smaller than previous models, and this reduces the drag, helping the petrol electric hybrid to do 72.4mpg (miles per gallon), with as little as 89g/km of CO2.

Although the Prius is one of the leaders in economical cars, it is not the most efficient of them all! The Smart Fortwo cdi is a diesel run Smart car, running a massive 85.6mpg, making it the most economical new car on sale in Britain. It’s biggest downfall is probably that it is only a two seater, but this is ideal for a lot of people as most commuter journeys are single occupancy.

If you want a highly efficient estate car then go for the Skoda Fabia Greenline II. This super practical car is the most fuel efficient 1.2 diesel, emitting 89g/km returning a whopping 83.1mpg and with 5 seats it makes it a bit more practical than the Smart car!

If it is something a bit sportier you are after, without it costing you a bomb in petrol then why not invest in the Seat Ibiza E Ecomotive? The Spanish car does an impressive 80.7mpg, emitting only 92g/km, but it will set you back £13,900, which is in my opinion worth the money for its aesthetic qualities compared to the similarly priced Skoda.

If the Seat doesn’t tickle your fancy, there is always the new Fiat Punto Evo 1.3 Mulitjet 85 Eco. Bit of a mouthful, but it’s boasting an average of 78mpg, cutting the CO2 down to just 95g/km and is cheaper than the Seat at about £12,195.

Finally, if you are after a bit of a classic, you could try out the new Mini Hatch One D. The original UK economy car has kept up the pace of being fuel efficient, using all of the latest BMW engine technology it only emits 100g/km of CO2. And as the Mini is perfect for city driving it has been tweaked to make it do an average of 74.3mpg, saving you money to go shopping (and not worry about the stop start in town). Mini recently participated in an energy efficiency race from Brighton to London with the new eco-friendly car.

Energy efficient Mini

I wonder how efficient my little Peugeot is?

Do you have any driving tips to reduce your fuel bills? Do you have a recommendation for a energy efficient car? If you do then leave a comment, we’re always really keen to hear what our readers think!

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