Burglary foiled by an Anglian Window


Ilford in Essex has recently seen a surge in property crime with a number of houses being burgled while their owners were absent.

According to an Anglian customer in the Ilford area, his and four of his neighbours’ houses were targeted and became victims of burglary. Our customer however, was fully protected by his Anglian Windows which only suffered cosmetic damage. The burglars tried to gain entry through the downstairs window and after using several different methods were unsuccessful.

Having Anglian Windows installed was a major contributing factor to why entry to the property was not gained.

Damage to window

Damage to window

Downstairs window

Downstairs window


An Anglian Surveyor visited the property shortly after the incident to arrange repairs.

All Anglian Windows are fitted with a variety of security features. The type of window in this property was a UPVC casement window. These windows come with five independent security features which all contributed to withstanding the burglars’ attempts:

1. Lock

A hidden excluder device engages to form a lock of incredible strength between the vent and mainframe, if the window is forced from the outside.



2. Security handles

Key locking security handles are fitted as standard and available in a range of finishes.


3. Shoot Bolts

High security shoot bolts lock all standard opening vents into the frame at two points.



4. Internal Glazing

Internal glazing prevents the glass being removed from the outside.




5. Welded Joints 

The robust multi-chambered PVCU frame is constructed with welded joints for added strength.



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