Bobby on a Bike nerves are building!

By on 30th April in Our Company News

In the run up to the event we met with Bobby on a Bike organiser, Neil Smith and some of the members from Anglian who have been practicing hard for the event at the end of May.

If you have been following our previous blogs you will know that the charity bike ride of 400 miles in 4 days is from Aldeburgh in Suffolk to Borth RNLI in Wales is starting early morning on the 27th May and finishing late afternoon on the 30th May.

Neil was explaining to us how the route is worked out, the daily route card that is issued to the riders and about the water and feeding stations along the route.

Riders mustering at Aldeburgh in 2011

It was quite fascinating hearing about peoples odd questions regarding the event, gleaning information from Neil and ideas about packing clothes, the route they will take and energy bars and gels to eat while riding to help stop people hitting the wall…..I never realised there were so many varieties to please the individuals and personal tastes.

Neil will be testing the route out in the next couple of weeks, just to make sure all the details for the riders are correct and to try and memorise the route for himself and his two co-riders, Rob Bryan and Jeff Cribb.  All three men recently took part in the Devises to Westminster Canoeing marathon, which was another huge challenge.

The charity cycle ride starts off  from Aldeburgh RNLI on Sunday 27th May.  It will be a fantastic sight to watch with some 50 riders going through the town, starting off on their own personal challenges all for charity.

Neil said that through his experience of previous rides this would be fun, difficult and a challenging route for all riders including himself, but the camaraderie, personal achievement and euphoria from reaching the end of the ride would  sup-parse most emotions experienced and likened it to running in the London Marathon.

We would like to wish them all good luck, we think they are all bonkers and hope that  they will support each other on their up and coming adventures for charity.


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