Bobby on a Bike – Day 4


The morning started early with a real buzz in the air as the realisation dawned  that this was the last days ride.

Everyone was excited and their bodies were telling there own stories after rising from comfortable beds at the hostel!!.  Ideally, this really needed to be down hill all the way, but after the blog team looked at the map, this was far from it and the final day of the ride was not going to be  easy.

With the talk of the highs and lows of this ride, already there are friendships talked about being rekindled for the ride in 2013

Day 4 map of the hills

Day 4 of the ride – Image from Endomodo

The weather forecast for the day was, yet again, going  to be hot, but thank goodness  the expected cloud  would help the riding conditions.   The BOAB group started the ride knowing they had a long day ahead of them.  They would have to muster huge commitment, determination and try to overcome  their already aching and tired limbs all the way to the finish.

Bobby on a Bike Day 4

Three Cocks to Borth RNLI – 89 miles

As the morning progressed we lost contact with the team.  We put it down flat batteries on phones, but then a BOAB supporter sent a note to say that “at 10am most riders were approaching the first water stop of the day which was 30 miles into the ride….they were obviously all busy taking on water to communicate with us.  With a  good phone signal we remade contact and the journey continued. The weather was good and the views were getting more and more spectacular by the minute.  Later in the day it was good to hear that “No riders had dropped out of the main group” which was an improvement on previous days.

Day 4 water stop

Taking a breather at the top of a hill before the next climb.

This was the last day for the main pack of riders but for Neil, Rob and Jeff this was a very welcome day of rest as they had reached their  finish on Tuesday evening.

Mid morning a note appeared on the BOAB page from Neil to say “I have seen the most incredible achievement over the last couple of days…I set out from Aldeburgh RNLI at 5.30am on Monday morning, with Jeff Cribb and Rob Bryan, in an attempt to cycle the May Ride route non stop ! Our support crew of Taz, Pete, Jeff and Adam had never met before, yet did the most amazing job supporting us…the heat on during Monday was intense and by 3.30am Tuesday morning had caused me to dehydrate, to the point I was unable to continue, so after cycling 220 miles I had to pull out…Jeff and Rob continued and made it all the way to Aberystwyth !! At 8pm Tuesday night, under blue light escort and escorted by my longtime mate Neil Davies on his motorcycle (who has supported BOAB for the second time and done an amazing job) Jeff and Rob cycled over the finish line ! It has to be the most incredible display of guts and teamwork that I have ever seen!!”



Day 4 lunch stop in the Elan Valley

Day 4 – the last lunch stop in the Elan Valley

Today Neil, Rob and Jeff were getting ready to greeting every individual  riders as they crossed  the finishing line with a small glass of champagne and a large pat on the back for their achievements.

Flags at the finish

Flags at the finishing line

After a long days ride covering the 89 miles in some 10hrs,  and after burning in excess of 4500 calories the riders made it to the destination, with a magnificent view of the sea.
Each and every one of the pack helped each other over the finishing line.  What an exhilarating and fantastic feeling and  one that some of  the group could only dream about at the start of the adventure some 400 miles and 3 days earlier  in Aldeburgh, Suffolk.

Day 4 The Welsh coast, we made it!

The jubilant Anglian Knight team finished together about 6pm with many tales to tell of the rides highs and lows from one side of the country to the other.   The personal elation for each and every of them when they crossed the line was very evident with tears, hugs and laughter shared by all.

Day 4 Celebration drink at the end

The Anglian Knights team made it! They are all feeling fabulous, pleasantly tired and enjoying the well earned celebration.

This has been a wonderful charity to support and Anglian are very proud have sponsored the Bobby on a Bike 10th Anniversary ride.
We would like to send our congratulations to every one of the riders and the support teams that have raised valuable funds for the RNLI.

Well done to all those that have participated ……..what a huge achievement and great dedication for an amazing charity!

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