Bobby on a Bike – Day 2 (Monday)


Monday morning saw all the riders wake up and realised they still have approx 300 miles to go to reach the end of the ride.   The weather forecast was scheduled to be very hot again and all the riders were concerned about the heat and taking on enough fluids to continue through the day.

Day 2 5.50am start

Day 2  – the sun coming up over the camp site 5.30am

For the riders that had  done enough training they would not regret all their efforts, but for those who had not done enough and now realise that perhaps they should have done a bit more, there was still a long way to go.

The Anglian Knights team made contact with us to say that the riding was good although very hot, but they were all in good spirits.  The first day had been a shock to the system, but they had settled in to the riding speed well.  Watching on the tracking log we could see that their average speed had been 13 miles an hour going up to 38.3 miles per hour on the down hill sections, and they had all managed to stay together to give each other support.


Drink and food stop day 2

The Anglian Knights stopping for food and drink.   It’s lovely weather, but starting to get hilly!

For Neil, Jeff and Rob this was day one of their record breaking ride to go across the country without stopping.  Neil, Rob and Jeff  were hoping for a good time, but really they were just happy to concentrate on finishing the ride.

They started the ride from Aldeburgh at 5.00am, but not with such a big send off  as the main group, just their support crew and friends.  Neil had said they would need to concentrate hard and may be out of communication with the admin crew for the duration of the ride, but promised to make up for it when they reached the finish line.

However, after just 57 miles into the ride Neil sent a note to say that they had a forced stop as Jeff had crashed and broken his bike!  Although being battered and bruised he had gone off with one of the support crew to find another bike to use.

Just after 2.00pm Neil sent a note to say that they had completed the first leg (approx 100 miles) of the ride and were filling up on fluids and food before heading off for their next leg.  Perhaps his idea of a non-stop ride had been the most stupid one ever, but they were determined to complete it.

Just after mid-night word came through from the support crew that Neil, Rob and Jeff had made it to Stratford-upon-Avon.  They were in positive mood and were just replenishing with drink and food and would be off again for their 3rd leg of the ride.

Bobby on a Bike Day 2

Comberton to Stratford Upon Avon – 105 miles

At the end of Monday’s ride James said that there was a lot of conversation about creaky joints and sunburn, but the overall conversation was about the weather and the hills to come tomorrow.

As you can see from the photo below Carey’s legs were rather burnt.  He said the cycling was going well, it was hard work at points and very hot, but the event had been well organised and it was an enjoyable trip.

Day 2 Anglian Knight Stratford-upon-Avon

Anglian Knights team with a cool drink after a very long and hot day

We hope they enjoyed their rest Monday night and look after the aching bodies as today the hills are coming!

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