Beautiful Bi-Fold Views

By on 27th April in Our Company News

Spring and Summer are fast approaching, flowers are starting to bloom, the blackbirds song rings out all day and the sun is gleaming through the clouds, so we should be trying to make the most of the warmer months.

The majority of people will be taking advantage of it in their conservatory, giving them exquisite views of their garden from indoors, but what if you do not have the space to extend because of the location of your house? What if you live in a house overlooking the sea and your back garden is in fact the beach?

Well, not only are you a very lucky person to wake up to the sound of the sea washing onto the sand every morning, but you could exploit these views by having bi-fold doors installed. Adding extra light to the room of your choice, you could have views such as these below, taken from the Norfolk coastline, boasting a phenomenal picturesque view.

Trimmingham beach

These pictures were sent in by Scott’s Gallery Cafe, a local sandwich delivery van, who in his spare time loves to get great pictures of the Norfolk Broads and coast.

Norfolk dunes

Norfolk Broads

Norfolk Broads

Golden Sands of the Norfolk coastline

Bi-fold doors add a completely different look and feel to your home, flooding light into the room, making it feel more spacious as it is maximises the views through the glass. Opening up in a concertina style and between 2 and 7 panels available, it is possible to transform an entire wall of a room into a looking glass to the world beyond it. If you have a view like some of the above, you wouldn’t need a canvass or photos to add character to your home, as the character would be just outside your bi-fold doors.

Anglian Bi-fold doors

However, just because your house doesn’t look over a beach, that doesn’t mean you can’t have bi-fold doors! They change the whole look and feel of your home, giving you that extra option, bringing you and your family closer to nature. Bi-fold doors give you a glorious back drop for any bedroom, living room or dining room, displaying views that will make all of your visitors envious.

If you have pictures of a view from your window that you are particularly proud of, send them in to [email protected] and we will feature them in a future blog!

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