Anglian staff feel the rush of skydiving for charity

By on 6th August in Our Company News

Could you jump out of a plane? I know for a fact I couldn’t, but 5 members of the Anglian Home Improvement’s team in Norwich decided they were ready to take the plunge….from 13,000ft! Sam Day, Becky Adamson, Carol Dennis, Julia Bywaters and Megan Dunlop were raising money for different charities that meant something to them, facing their fears for a great cause.

The Anglian crew kitted up, ready to jump

I caught up with the 5 brave ladies to find out how this crazy experience was for them.

Sam said, “Doing a skydive was the best experience of my life. Not only did I raise money for the Stroke Association in memory of my Grandad, but I also conquered my fear of heights.”

Sam looking nervous in the flight up

Despite it being the first time Sam had ever been on an aeroplane, this did not stop her.

Sam continued to explain how the day went, “When we got there it was so nerve wracking, but after meeting the camera man, my mind and fears were put at ease, and the nerves turned to excitement.”

“The funny part was when we were only 3,000ft high, I said to my instructor that we were really high up…he laughed and said, ‘we have another 10,000ft to go!’

Freefalling at 120mph

“Just before jumping out of the plane, my heart was pounding. I just didn’t know what to expect, but before I knew it, I was free falling through the clouds at 120mph. We started spinning and the adrenaline pumped round my body faster than how quick we were falling”, said Sam.

“It was an incredible experience, words just can’t explain it! It was all over so quickly and the view was amazing. I loved it so much I am doing another skydive later this year, so I highly recommend it to everyone. Thanks to Anglian who sponsored me, we couldn’t have done it without your support.”

Sam laying on a cloud

Becky told me how everybody was nervous all day, and it wasn’t until she met her instructor that the reality of it all kicked in. He told her, “I’m not very good at this….” enough to scare the bajeebers out of anyone.

“Jumping out of the plane was amazing, despite my ears popping and the fact I didn’t keep my head up, so I basically swallowed a cloud on the way down. It was awesome! What made it more rewarding was the £300 I raised for Bowel Cancer UK,” Becky added.

Julia Bywaters also decided jumping out of a plane was an experience worth doing, telling me that “It was a nerve-wracking day, with a 3 hour wait before we went up, but it was well worth it. Freefalling is the best thing I’ve ever experienced. There is nothing more breathtaking than falling through the sky, and it is something I will never forget. I feel honoured to have been able to take part in such an amazing activity, and I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to raise so much for The UK Stem Cell Foundation.”

Here is a video of Julia in action;


Carol Dennis told me how this was “the most exciting thing to come out of a drunken night out! It came about because I mentioned to Sam that I wanted to do a skydive in my 40th year. If not for the other girls, I would never have got round to doing the jump, as I am terrified of heights.”

“Sitting there with the clouds beneath me, we jumped and I remember seeing the plane dive bomb through the clouds as I was free falling. It was amazing! When I landed, I had the biggest grin on my face and was shaking for a good couple of hours. What a great achievement raising money for Roxburghe House Hospice and Day Care in Dundee. They were a great support to me when I was caring for my mum in her last few months.”

We have touchdown

 Finally, I had a quick chat with Meg who had this to say, “When my colleague asked me if I wanted to take part in a sponsored tandem skydive, I leapt at the opportunity.”

“I immediately decided to raise money for my mum’s ward at the hospital, the Midwife Led Birthing Unit, which is a fantastic department, run entirely by the midwives themselves. She was thrilled when I told her I was going to take part in it and even more so that I was doing it for her.”

“I seemed the calmest in my opinion and it wasn’t until we were told by the instructors to go and sit on ‘death-row’ that we all began to get slightly anxious. Shortly after they came over and apologised, laughing at our terrified expressions.”

“Before we knew it we were slowly climbing to the heavens, misty cloud and cold droplets whistling past the plane. The sound was deafening. We shuffled to the open hatch, I tucked my legs in and crossed my arms… then I was falling.”

“It was an amazing sensation. After a few seconds I stuck my arms out and I felt like I was truly flying. The wind viciously whipped past my cheeks. We pulled the‘ chute as the clouds came up to meet us. I was warned by Steve, my instructor, that they would be cold and moist. ‘Cold’ was an understatement, it was so bitterly freezing I had to close my mouth because my teeth hurt. Before I could take it all in, my feet were on solid ground once again.”

What a day it must’ve been for these 5 brave women, who have raised a great amount of money for their charities.


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