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During these uncertain economic times, people are moving towards a ‘don’t move, improve’ investment for their homes. It’s important to ensure when buying from a double glazing business that you get a good level of assurance for your money.

The GGF (Glass and Glazing Federation) was founded in January 1977 to provide protection to customers who purchase products within the industry. The GGF now represents for over 60 of the turnover within the industry. The Federation provides a number of benefits to a prospective glazing purchaser, including:

  • Your deposit is protected
  • All companies are vetted
  • Companies work to a ‘code of good practice’
  • Free conciliation service
  • Standard of service is monitored and regulated
  • Your installation will comply with Building Regulations

Currently the GGF has over 1,500 businesses registered throughout the UK, which all work to a high level of service that is designed to safeguard your spending. During times of unprecedented uncertainty you can buy in confidence with a GGF registered firm.

 Your deposit is protected

Your deposit protected


During these difficult economic times, we have seen a massive increase in the number of companies going into liquidation. This can leave customers without a refund or product! Companies registered with the GGF offer a solid assurance that your money will be safeguarded by the GGF’s own Deposit Indemnity Fund, up to 25 of the contract price or £3,000, whichever is lower.



The graph below shows the total amount of businesses that went into administration within the Glass and Glazing industry since January 2007.

graph showing number of liquidated businesses 

Over 2500  businesses have ceased trading since January 2007. Undoubtedly the majority of these would have left people massively out of pocket with very little possibility of ever seeing a refund. 

Speaking to the Blog Team, Nigel Rees, Chief Executive of the GGF, stated that “I would always recommend that a consumer uses a GGF Member Company.  We implement a range of measures to safeguard your spending, to allow you to buy with confidence. 

 All companies vetted

To become a member of the GGF, companies are vetted to ensure they achieve certain standards. These include;

  • The company must have been trading for a minimum of three years.magnifying glass
  • An onsite inspection by the GGF where accounts are audited and trade references taken

These combine to conclude whether the company has already established themselves within the market, traded with both customers and suppliers ethically and provided a high enough standard that the GGF would promote and work with them.


Companies work to a code of good practice

The GGF registered companies abide to the following working practices;

  • Any deposit you place with a member company will be safeguarded by GGF’s own Deposit Indemnity Fund, up to 25 of the contract price or £3,000 whichever is lower.
  • A seven day ‘cooling off’ period applies to all contracts.
  • All glazing will be installed to the current safety requirements of the British Standard BS 6262- 4:2005.
  • Samples shown will be truly representative of the product to be installed.
  • Advertising will be a true and accurate description of the product offered.

Free conciliation service

A free conciliation service is also provided if you do have a grievance with a registered GGF company. This gives you added support if you have a problem and the company in question can’t / won’t help you out.

Standard of service is monitored and regulated

The GGF regularly monitors and reviews the performance of all their members. This ensures service levels are being abided to and the installations such as those of Anglian Home Improvements remain consistently high. The GGF are always aiming to raise the standard within the glass and glazing industry.

Before you make your next purchase make sure you receive all the above benefits with the GGF by calling them directly on 0870 042 4255 or visit the GGF website which lists all registered firms

Anglian Home Improvements, formally known as Anglian Windows and founding member of the GGF – helping raise the standard in double glazing.


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