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I bet this is one place you didn’t expect Anglian to be advertising, but Spotify is a new music application, that lets you listen to your favourite songs whenever and wherever you want!

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With Spotify taking off across Europe and increasingly gaining popularity I thought I would give you all a little background information into what this ingenious programme is!

Spotify is a new, free way to listen to music, giving you the music you love on demand, with no obligation to buy or download the tracks. It’s not just about searching for a song, every time you  sign into the application, as you can create your own playlists of all your favourite genres, artists and songs. So you can make a playlist of your favourite shower sing-a-longs or all of your favourite Michael Jackson tunes.

Each playlist is saved to your account meaning you can sign in anywhere and have your music easily accessible, and if you’re a bit like me and when asked what’s the best new tune your mind goes blank, you can sign in wherever you have internet access (including your mobile phone) and scout your playlists.

This application is very simple to use. A search bar at the top lets you find the song or artist you are after, you can then click and drag the song into a playlist, and even share playlists or songs with friends at another click of a button.  You can share songs or playlists by dropping either into a message on Facebook or right click and share directly.

If your Facebook friends have Spotify too, you can add them on Spotify and literally drop a track on them! If you are not a Facebook user this is not an issue, as you have a unique username, which if you publish and other people know it they can view your songs and playlists, making song exchange super-quick.

If you thought there couldn’t be many more uses for Spotify you were wrong, as it automatically ranks your most played songs, but if you are in denial that you listen to Lionel Richie that much you can edit these rankings too.

This intelligent programme not only lets you listen, but lets you buy the track or even albums in a quick MP3 download.

If you love an artist so much you need to find out more about their career or lives, there is an biography feature for all the top artists out there creating the music you can’t stop listening to! I learnt a lot about Rihanna the other day in fact, like where she’s from, how her career started and how she’s become such a massive star in the music industry.

Lady using Spotify on the move

Spotify offers a related artists display to help expand your musical knowledge and maybe introduce you to an artist you would never have discovered normally. And if it really excites you discovering hot new talent before the rest of your friends there is a dedicated radio stream that plays songs that are similar to what you are listening to. For example, if I was listening to Take That it would automatically find similar bands like Boyzone or Westlife.

Spotify is not just about the latest music, its back catalogue contains music from as far back as the 1940’s and before, and has millions and millions of tracks from throughout the years to date.

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