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By on 14th May in Our Company News

Reading through this article got me thinking; Anglian Home Improvements is a British company, making its uPVC products in Britain, for the people of Britain, so why don’t we shout about it more?!

Anglian Home Improvements was started in 1966 by George Williams, under the trading name Anglian Windows. It was born in Britain and began trading from Norwich, opening its first showroom in 1969, in the town of Ipswich.

Since then the company has come on leaps and bounds and now produces market leading products, all of which are Made in Britain. The Norwich factory produces its own uPVC extrusions for use exclusively in Anglian products. We are the only company in Britain that produces its own uPVC extrusions, which are then used in our windows, doors and conservatories designed and built specifically for your home. We are proud to offer products that are Made in Britain, made with precision and made with care to ensure the perfect fit for in your home – isn’t that something worth shouting about?

In this current economic climate many countries are supporting their own local companies, factories, and manufacturers to help lift their communities, and we’d like to hope the British people will do likewise. As the article states, David Cameron cannot just tell everyone to Buy British, when half our exports go to the EU, but he can encourage people to buy products produced in the UK. It is not just about British companies, but about buying from any company that is in production in the UK, therefore helping boost the British economy and helping us out of this recession. Believe it or not, the UK is one of the biggest manufacturers in the world, so buying goods that are made in Britain is easier than you might think.

As of next year John Lewis will be putting a Union Jack logo onto each of its British products to show support to British manufacturing. British produced goods are very popular in the food and catering industry, which has seen campaigns to support local farming become a great success in increasing the market.

So, when it comes to choosing your next home improvement company; think about where the products are made, how much money you can save, and how long they are going to last. If you were to install Anglian’s A-rated EcoGain windows, you would be buying a product that is made in Britain, one that will save you money for years to come and one that has a 10 year guarantee, giving you peace of mind that nothing will go wrong.

Anglian home Improvements are the headline sponsors for the Great British Home Show this year too, which is being held at Glow, Bluewater on 31st May – 4th June.

Anglian Home Improvements, made in Britain, made with care, made to last.

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