Anglian launches Solar


Very big news today, Anglian has just announced that they will be launching a new energy efficient product for your home. This will reduce the cost of energy; allow return on investment and even generating income from power generation. Yes, Anglian are going SOLAR; 

Using the sun's energy to power the electicity within the home and heat the water

Later this summer after many years researching the most effective and cost efficient systems of green energy for the home Anglian are now ready to raise the standard in solar energy with this latest product development.

Here are a few facts about Solar;

There are two types of solar panel; these are Photovoltaic and Solar Thermal. Photovoltaic uses the suns energy and turns it into electricity for the home. Solar Thermal difference is that it changes that energy into heat.

  • As soon as you have solar panels installed, solar energy is free
  • It’s safe, clean and environmentally friendly
  • It will reduce your energy bills
  • You maybe able to generate an income by selling surplus power to the National Grid.
  • Solar power systems can provide heat or electricity for the home
  • Most modern boilers are compatible with solar heating.

Over the next couple of months I’ll be taking a more detailed look into the technical side of solar as I bring you a comprehensive guide to Anglian’s marketing leading and energy saving improvement.

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