Anglian Dummies Donated

No we aren’t giving away our employees, we are in fact donating resuscitation dummies to the local St Johns Ambulance.

Anglian have donated four life-size abdomens, for practising vital life saving skills, such as mouth to mouth resuscitation and chest compressions, to the Norwich St Johns Ambulance.

These invaluable skills are currently being taught to hundreds of children across the country in an attempt to teach them what to do in certain situations to help prevent the loss of life. This is a course that I feel should be compulsory at school especially as I found out today that 150,000 people die each year, due to a lack of knowledge on what to do in certain life threatening situations.

The St Johns Ambulance believes it is a fundamental right to have first aid training, as it helps young people understand the value of life, whilst building self-esteem and developing priceless skills for the future. The young first aider course develops skills in a variety of areas, such as resuscitation, recovery position, managing an incident when first on the scene and lots of other situations.

The course is not your typical sort of course, full of theory and writing, it is an active, very involving course, keeping everybody excited as to what situation they are going to be thrown into next! The resuscitation dummies donated by Anglian Home Improvements will be used to practice mouth to mouth resuscitation and chest compressions, something I personally found very fun when I took my first aid course.

By keeping the course active the children, aged 7-16, are learning valuable life skills, which can then be taken into careers of all calibres. First aid is always a good skill to have, no matter where you are, who you work for, you never know when an accident could happen, which is why the St Johns Ambulance is working so hard to teach as many people as possible.

The certificate is valid for 3 years, which is then an advantage for the 16 year olds leaving school because not only does it look good on your CV, but some courses require you have that training, so you will be ahead of your class before you’ve even started.

We all hope that our donation will be a helpful one, teaching everybody the key skills needed for CPR, and that the St Johns Ambulance achieves its target of spreading first aid training.

Paul Hair from Anglian handing over a CPR dummy

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