A New Way To Present To You

By on 9th December in Garden, Our Company News

Anglian Home Improvements have again raised the standard of not only our green credentials, but also the quality of our presentations to you, our customers. Anglian has created a unique application for the iPad which enables our reps to more efficiently present the product you are interested in.

Using this sleek, classy iPad means you can have a pleasant and quick presentation, outlining all the information you should require. The interface is clear and easy to use, enabling you to effortlessly switch between pages, which normally would have been in a brochure or flip presenter.

By using iPads we are able to cut our use of paper from the presentations, reduce our production of brochures as they can soo become old, worn and a bit tatty and give you a much more informative and focused presentation. We believe a high quality, concise presentation is one of the most important things you want when selecting a supplier for that perfect new product for your home. This means as a company we are now a lot more eco-friendly, using less paper each year, as iPads are used more and more.

An iPad benefits not just you, but the rep too. He now doesn’t have to carry tens of brochures around with him everyday as each brochure has been included within the application. Should you want more information, more pictures, or just be nosey at what the Anglian team have been up to, you can go straight onto the internet to look at the Anglian website or blog!

Although not every Anglian rep has an iPad, they will be used more often in the future, not just within Anglian, but across all types of markets and industries. I imagine that most schools will incorporate an iPad or type of tablet device to teach from, and for the children to use, to write, read and research. There are already educational applications out there for such devices, so it makes sense for them to be utilised in this way. One school in Scotland incorporated this technology at the end of last year, so I expect many schools will follow suit in the near future.

What do you think about the use of iPads in business and education? Good idea? Share your thoughts with us via the comment panel below.

Sales reps now use iPads

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