3 Peaks Challenge – Paul Kemmett

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If you have been reading our recent blogs you will know that  a team of Anglian employees will be taking part in the 3 Peaks Challenge on the 28th / 29th September under the supervision of trained guides from Mountain and Glen Outdoor Adventures.  The challenge of the 3 Peaks, is to scale the highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales within a time limit of 24 hours, whatever the weather.

The 3 Peaks Challenge is just a few weeks away and we thought it would be nice to see how Paul is getting on with his training. So this week we followed Paul to the local sports club to hear from his training team.

With a friendly welcome we met Mike Oliver, Club Manager at Triangle Health and Fitness at the Holiday Inn, Norwich.


Paul and Mike


Mike explained that the club had a great atmosphere, with seven sports instructors, helping members like Paul, to achieve their goals with advice, assistance and guidance in the use of the equipment and personal training programmes.

So we thought we would ask a few questions:-

What sort of exercises should Paul be doing to best prepare his body for a challenging event like this?

We have advised Paul to do leg strengthening exercises, which will help with muscular endurance for walking up and down the hills. Paul also needs to improve his overall cardio fitness with exercises to get the heart going, making it stronger and to keep the body going over the duration of the walk.

How much training would you advise should be taken before the 3 Peaks Challenge?

I would advise anyone to plan and start your training early.  Go to your local gym, talk to the instructors and tell them what you are hoping to achieve.  They will then advise and design a training programme to suit you and prepare you for the event.

We would suggest a minimum 3 month training programme.  Training 2 -3 times a week increasing the amount done each time and then working back down from then once you have carried out the challenge.

Do you think Paul will complete the 3 Peaks Challenge?

Yes Paul will, with all the hard work Paul is putting in to his training, yes he can do it and yes he will finish!

Do you have any other people that you are helping to train for other challenges similar to the 3 Peaks Challenge?

I don’t currently have anyone apart from Paul, but I did early in the year help a lady who was training for the same event that took place in March.

Mike, have you participated in any challenges similar to this?

I have not done anything like the 3 Peaks, but I have taken part in the Norwich 100 mile cycle ride in 2011 raising money for the British Heart Foundation,  also in 2010 I took part in a 24 hour bike and treadmill challenge for the Big C Charity.  I have nothing planned for this year, other than helping others to reach and complete their challenges.

Paul said that the training has been hard at times, but it has definitely been worth the effort, it has made him more determined to complete the event.

Paul said that his whole outlook  on exercise has changed,  he is feeling good about completing the event and defeat is not an option!


Member of the Month
In recognition of all Paul’s hard work, he has been nominated Member of the month at the sports club.

We are right behind you Paul and the rest of the Anglian team.  We hope that this challenge continues to inspire you and the others taking part in this event.

If you wish to donate to support this brave crew and to help Brain Tumour UK with their superb work, here is the Anglian 3 Peaks Just Giving page

Good Luck!

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