£10,000 to Green Your Home

By 2020 the government is hoping to have 14 million homes energy efficient to help drive down the costs of family energy bills, gives you warmer homes and increase the prices of our homes.

Green Idea

New plans are being unveiled to help improve our homes energy efficiency, giving up to £10,000 to households for this. Roof insulation, double glazing and cavity walls are some of the main methods that the money can be used on.

However, it is not your bog-standard energy improving modifications available, you will have the option to install under-floor heating and new efficient boilers, as well as water-efficient taps, showers, light fittings and draught proofing too.

All of these should leave you with cheaper bills, warmer homes and a more expensive, desirable home!

14 million homes are planned to be improved, but your home must qualify for it. If your home can be more energy efficient and reduce your energy costs then you could be in with a shout of £10,000 of energy aid, but some may not qualify if their home is relatively efficient already.

Ministers claim the ‘Green Deal’ will not just benefit the homeowners, but also the economy, boosting it by £2.5 billion and creating up to 70,000 jobs! This cannot be bad especially as unemployment levels are still at an all time high and with businesses like Focus going into administration, it is the much needed boost required.

The main aim of the ‘Green Deal’ is to “drive down the cost of family energy bills, protect consumers against possible future price rises (as Centrica has warned) and making our homes not just greener, but warmer and cosier too,” said Mr Baker, Environment Minister.

The sooner we can improve our homes the better!

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