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Window and Door Recycling

Spare a thought for what happens to your old double-glazed windows and doors when they are taken away. There are companies that still take them from your home and dump them into a skip. And when that skip is full, your old windows and doors are whisked away to landfill. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Even worse, some tradesmen even dump or fly-tip your old windows and doors on the side of quiet country roads or in lay-bys, causing problems in your local environment and with your local council footing the bill for safe removal. Old uPVC frames and their glass are not bio-degradable. If not properly disposed of, they will be around for centuries to come.

Anglian has its own window recycling scheme We are proud to do things very differently. Working with Recovinyl, our collective aim is to advance the sustainable development of the PVC industry and to ensure a steady supply of post-consumer PVC waste for window recycling in Europe.

Your old windows and doors are removed safely and whisked away to our in-house recycling centre, where the frame is broken down into its original components. It’s right next door to our uPVC extrusion factory, where uPVC from old Anglian window frames are sent to be shredded and ground down into tiny pieces and then melted into a new form.

Can uPVC be Recycled?

uPVC can be recycled. It is often used to make new window frames. It is also used to make plastic garden furniture, window boxes, and other items.

What Exactly Happens to your Old Window and Door Frames?

When your old windows are taken out, the glass and frame are removed along with any metalwork associated with the window frame itself.

The frame is broken up and put into a recycling bag on the van and is taken to our in-house window and door recycling centre, where the frame is broken down further into its original components.

What Happens to the Glass in Your Old Window and Door Frames?

Glass waste is collected by two third parties who either recycle it into new glass sheets or into alternative glass materials like cats’ eyes for road safety.

Our aim is to reuse wherever possible, recycle uPVC and other materials responsibly, reduce landfill and minimise waste to begin with. Recycling also helps towards reducing our carbon footprint.

Where your old windows and doors end up and what happens to them after they leave your home has consequences. Next time you replace your windows, make sure you ask where the old ones will end up.

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