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How are uPVC windows made?

We know them, love them and use them in our homes – but exactly how are uPVC windows made? We took a tour inside our Norwich factory to show you exactly how this incredibly versatile and flexible – yet unbeatably durable – material is created to make our most popular product. Each window is made to the unique specifications of your home, then rigorously quality checked before heading out for installation. There’s a reason they’re our company’s bread and butter.

Want to see our uPVC window production in action? Check out our video for an inside look.

Head into our Norwich factory to see how we make our uPVC windows:

What is uPVC?

uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride – can you see why its name is usually shortened? You'll find it not only in windows and doors, but plumbing materials and even dental retainers too. A versatile material used across the world.

The first recorded commercial use of uPVC comes from Germany in the 1960s. Before that, manufacturers were using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as a material, but its low lifespan made it a less than desirable material. Manufacturers soon discovered that by not adding plasticisers, PVC was much more resilient. Thus, modern uPVC was born!

Some of the biggest benefits of uPVC are:

  • It’s incredibly easy to maintain and clean
  • It won’t rot or warp
  • It can be recycled for new uPVC materials
  • It’s known for its thermal efficiency
  • It’s light and durable

How is it made?

The production process for uPVC is pretty simple. It’s made when molten uPVC is forced through a mould, then quickly cooled to maintain its shape. The uPVC is then cut to fit the final specifications before the individual pieces are melded together.

Depending on the final product, this next part is where the extra bits are added. If it’s uPVC windows that are being made, the material will be sealed and then fitted with glass.

Now you’re an expert! The next step is testing out our uPVC windows for yourself. To see a sample or to speak with a design expert about our uPVC products, visit your local branch or get in touch to schedule a home visit today.