Anglian set a #TripleChallenge for Norwich City and the F2

14th March 2015

Anglian Home Improvements have had a long relationship with Norwich City Football Club and The F2 Freestylers and we decided now was the perfect time to give 2 Norwich players and The F2 a challenge they will never forget. Watch the whole video below if you can’t wait or read on to see what the challenges were all about before watching!

The Anglian #TripleChallenge participants
The Players
Taking part in this challenge were two Norwich City first team players – Jacob Murphy (who also featured in #CanaryCribz) and new boy Vadis Odjidja-Ofoe. They would be pairing up with The F2 Freestylers - Billy and Jeremy – who are renowned for their incredible skills and ability to pick out the most insane trick shots. 

Challenge 1

The first challenge was to kick the football the width of the pitch into the back of an Anglian van. We didn’t want any smashed van windows so we weren’t cruel enough to challenge them get it in the cab window! The first team to put 5 passes into the back of the van wins.

The F2 taking part in #TripleChallenge 1

Challenge 2

4 Anglian window frames were hanging from the cross bar of the goal, all different sizes and shapes to keep it interesting. The first team to shoot the ball through 3 of the window frames wins.

Vadis in #TripleChallenge 2

Challenge 3

Both players had to sprint out to the cones whilst keeping the ball in the air, no dropping it allowed! When they got to the designated area they had to volley the ball back to their partner who then had to repeat this drill. The winner was the first player back after the second run.

The 4 lads in #TripleChallenge 3
How it unfolded

So at the end of Challenge 1 (above), Billy and Jacob are winning 1-0.

#TripleChallenge 2
Jeremy and Vadis have pulled it back to 1-1, so it is game on for #TripleChallenge number 3.

#TripleChallenge 3
It was a photo finish, but Jacob Murphy has just pipped Vadis to the finishing line in a dramatic end to the event. 

Billy and Jacob were thrilled to be crowned the Anglian Triple Challenge champions, whilst Vadis and Jeremy are keen for a rematch! 

You can see more of the F2 on our YouTube channel, including performances at Carrow Road and their recreation of the 1998 Nike World Cup advert in the Anglian Windows factory.

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