The Copenhagen talks fail to meet expectations

By on 22nd December in Uncategorized

A general feeling that more could have been done to make the world’s nations commit to bigger cuts in carbon emissions according to Barack Obama.

Worlds Nations need to do more to protect the environment

People considering replacing their windows with energy-efficient double glazing could be let down by the politicians but Gordon Brown did say some progress had been made.

“This is the first step we are taking towards a green and low carbon future for the world, steps we are taking together. But like all first steps, the steps are difficult and they are hard,” he said.

Some proposals such as reducing carbon emissions by 80 per cent before 2050 were also rejected by the majority of the 192 countries at the conference.

Andrew Leech, director at the National Home Improvement Council, said that the global warming debate was “very important” if the UK’s homes are going to be brought up to a better standard.

Anglian Home Improvements are currently promoting their own environmental window scrappage scheme and have also been supporting the Glass and Glazing Federation petition for an industry standard government funded scheme.

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