Philippa Forrester Picks up a Penguin & some Energy Saving Tips at Banham Zoo

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Philippa Forrester joined Anglian Home Improvements recently at Banham Zoo to shoot a 10 minute film about energy efficiency co-starring penguins, a great grey owl, snow leopard & a seal, all of which were filmed using infrared cameras to highlight how energy efficient these animals are!

The short 10 minute film will be distributed to schools throughout the UK teaching key stages one and two and will be used to explain how energy conservation, as seen in the infrared footage of the zoo animals, can be replicated in the home with energy efficient products.

Phillipa Forrester & the penguins

Commenting on the film shoot Philippa Forrester said: “We are filming at Banham Zoo with the penguins and other animals to demonstrate how cleverly these creatures hold on to heat and use it really efficiently. The same effect can be replicated in our homes if we use the right energy efficient products we too can be very good at retaining energy rather than letting it seep out wastefully.”
Melanie McDonald, our Head of Marketing and Communications said: “The average UK household loses around £280 worth of energy a year – every year. Much of this is wasted through poorly insulated double glazing which not only leaks heat, but also money, which is bad for the consumer pocket as well as the UK’s carbon footprint.

The infrared footage we are shooting with Philippa at the zoo shows how these animals are excellent natural preservers of energy – something homeowners should also be putting into practice.”

Philippa joined in with feeding the penguins, a seal and came face to face with a snow leopard and Yogi, the great grey owl who will all feature in the 10 minute film. All these animals are naturally equipped to deal with the severity of very cold climates and make excellent, easily understood examples of heat conservation.

Philliper with the zoo keeper

Martin Goymour, Zoo Director from Banham Zoo said: “We are delighted to be working with Anglian Home Improvements using some of the animals we have here at our Zoo to tell the story of energy efficiency. As a business we take a very active and keen interest in ensuring all our attractions are as environmentally and energy efficient as possible and we were delighted to welcome along the film crew and Philippa to help get this message across to as many people as we can.”

The blog team were very jealous about the zoo trip and are really looking forward to the video and infra red pictures of the penguins…so watch this space!

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