On The Sixth Day Of Christmas…

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Don't be a typical male

Most men will start their manic, panic last minute shopping, between now and Christmas Eve.

As a man, and being a bit unorganised, in the last few years I have done the stereotypical last minute shop for all presents for the family, making this job a million times harder than it has to be!

Guys, we need to start shopping now to make sure we get something for everybody, and something they will like more than a pair of Rudolph socks, especially the present for your partner, who will be judging your every move.

From my experience it is never the thought that counts! The perfect present has to be bought, wrapped well and have a loving card with it.

Rather than achieve this perfect present with chocolates, perfume, flowers or beauty products, why not get an Anglian Conservatory representative round to give you a quote? A conservatory for Christmas is guaranteed to put a smile on the face of your loved one! You may be surprised it is not as expensive as it sounds. Some of you more affluent guys, may have resorted to buying your partner a car or expensive jewellery, but with a conservatory you would not only be delighting your partner, you will add value to your home and save money by ordering now as VAT is increasing to 20 on January 1st.

If she has been saying “I really want one”, there has never been a more opportune moment and kill two birds with one stone. (Pardon the expression)

If any of you men out there have had an idea to add value to your home and keep your partner happy, please free to tell me! I need all the help I can get.

Here’s John’s Christmas cracker!

What did Mrs Claus say to Santa when she gave him an umbrella?

Take this, it might reindeer”.

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