Keeping the cold out with energy efficient products

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Winter has arrived and the December chill has begun. A majority of a homes’ windows now remain mostly closed for the foreseeable future as everyone tries to retain warmth in the home.  Investment in energy efficient products could provide added heat by retaining the warmth within the house more efficiently. This would stop people like myself turning the thermostat up to a nice Caribbean 30 degrees which can be very expensive!

Double Glazing

The Manchester Evening News spoke to Sharon Bond, Energy Efficiency Officer with the Energy Saving Trust and Les Laws, Salford Council’s affordable warmth manager, who both gave advice on how people can reduce their energy bills.

Ms Bond said: “Anyone can be in fuel poverty – the definition is if you have to pay more than ten per cent of your income to adequately heat your home, but people living in older properties, possibly without central heating, are at particular risk.”

Making sure windows are efficient is another tip which the experts gave and could lead to new double glazing being needed. Condensation during the winter months can be an issue but by simply opening  your window on a few occassions can reduce or get rid of  most condensation.

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