Energy Savings Week – Tip 4

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As we are nearing the end of Energy Savings Week I hope you are reaping the benefits of all these tips, and are eagerly waiting for tip number 4!

Tip 4 – Switch it off

Don’t drain your purse by leaving unnecessary appliances on! If you leave a room and nobody is in there, turn off the light. Appliances that you aren’t currently using but are left on, such as microwaves, Televisions, computers and even your phone charger will cost you a lot over the course of a year.

Take a look around your home now and see how many electrical products are switched on, but not in use.

If everybody replaced one normal light bulb, with an energy efficient one, the money saved could pay for 75,000 peoples household energy bills. So imagine how much you will save by turning off all of these appliances!

By leaving unnecessary items on standby it costs each household an average of £37 a year . For me that’s a nice little kitty to go to the pub with. 🙂

Remembering simple things like that, may help you save money.

Budgie turning light off

Even Polly turns his light off

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