Boiler Scrappage Scheme closes in on Parliament

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The proposed Boiler Scrappage Scheme which will save home owners money and energy has taken a massive step forward today according to several news sites. The pre budget report,  due to be announced on Wednesday 9th December will include the scrappage scheme which was originally campaigned for through Reheat Britain.

Bolier Scrappage scheme turns could make your energy use more efficient

The Scheme, strongly backed by Teign MP Richard Younger-Ross said:

“I am pleased the Government is taking note of the campaign and that we have influenced its thinking. This is a great scheme both in terms of the environment and creating new jobs. There are 4.5 million boilers in the UK which are less than 70 efficient and by replacing just some of these with new efficient condensing boilers, we could save thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions, create more work for British manufacturers and in turn create new jobs.”

The boiler scrappage continues to gather momentun and so far has gathered around 2,260 signatures including MP’s.

Anglian Home Improvements continues to support the Glass and Glazing Federation with their proposed petition to introduce a National Window Scrappage Scheme which has massive environmental, cost and employment benefits. To date this petition has already achieved 2,793 signatures of support in a relatively small period of time in comparison. The Government are yet to acknowledge the Window Scrappage petition and give it the support that we all think they should!

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