One more step and I’m there – Georgia Taylor-Brown

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Anglian Home Improvements sponsors numerous young, talented Olympic hopefuls, including Georgia Taylor-Brown, a triathlete from Manchester. Here is the latest update from Georgia who has been training hard and competing in championships.

Well, since I was preparing for London after I wrote my last blog, this is the final blog of the 2013 season so, here’s how my final race as a junior went;

If you are reading this then you probably know me so will probably know I came second in that World Junior Champs race on Thursday September 12th at 8am. Waking up at 5am wasn’t great, and did I feel fantastic, ready to smash it, full of energy? Well no not really, no one does at 5am but once I was over the fact it was going to be an early start I was very excited to be finishing my junior career in England, but not just anywhere; we were racing in Hyde Park; the Olympic venue!

Porridge eaten and coffee drank it was time to do the oh so familiar race prep; hair, trisuit on, bag packed, transfer’s on, stickers on bike and then off we went, down to the race! Down in the athlete lounge there is a lot of staring, but you just get on with your own thing, do what you need to do and prepare to race. With transition set up it was time to get that wetsuit on and head out for athlete line up.

And the race had begun; swim, bike, run with a few dodgy transitions thrown in. Finishing 2nd didn’t really feel amazing and I wasn’t all that impressed at the time, but its a world championship medal and I can’t be upset with that! I worked my butt off all season and knew I wanted to go out of my junior career with a … wait for it … BANG! And a bang maybe not, but I had an amazing season and not winning worlds is probably a good thing, it makes me stronger and gives me lots to work on over the winter!

So where to now? It’s time to say bye to being a junior and introduce myself to Mr Olympic Distance … not sure I’m ready to meet him yet, but after a much needed break I’m excited to get back into my training. In 2014 I will be stepping into the unknown and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited. I’m ready for a new challenge and growing older isn’t all that bad … is it?

Georgia Taylor Brown running in the latest triathlon event

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