Your DIY Guide to Room Ambience [infographic]


Light, colour and spacing all effect the ambience of a room. This guide aims to help you discover what’s good and bad for the environments you live in everyday.

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Your DIY Guide to Room Ambience

Show us your examples of where this works, and let us know if you’ve tried any methods unsuccessfully. Just don’t paint your dining room blue.

a DIY Guide to Home Ambience Infographic

Ambience is Neutral

definition of ambience

Just to be clear, ambience on its own isn’t a good or bad thing. As Oxford Dictionaries describes, it is a neutral description of the ‘character and atmosphere of a place,’ meaning you definitely want good ambience – general ambience is impossible to avoid, no matter how beige a room is.

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A quick breakdown of the best colours for each room

Kitchen: Green

Bedroom: Blue

Living Room: Red

Bathroom: Yellow (unless it’s a big kitchen)

Dining Room: Red ceilings and tablecloth

Study: Detailed reds & greens


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