We’ve found houses where no man has gone before…


Tony Alleyne's Star Trek flat

Ok, well actually they have as these two houses have been made to look like the inside of the Star Trek Enterprise and Voyager. With the new Star Trek Into Darkness film being released recently, we thought we would carry out a mission like Captain Kirk, Spock, Scotty and Lt. Sulu to look around these Trekkie homes.

Star Trek Houses

The first one is actually in a flat in Hinckley, Leicestershire. Tony Alleyne has spent 10 years converting his one bedroom flat into his sci-fi fantasy spaceship interior. The room has a deep blue glow to it as and is complete with a flight deck and transporters, all of which have been made by Tony himself.

Tony Alleyne's Star Trek Lcar & table

The flat’s interior is based on Star Trek Voyager and is a very impressive replica. All household items are hidden away behind panels, including his television and oven, but the flat doesn’t have a bed and the sofa is more of a bench next to the ‘galley’ or kitchen.

Tony has also painstakingly created many LCARS and ops panels, which were used in numerous Star Trek episodes, displaying crew members faces and details. Obviously, not all of these panels work like they did in the programme, but they look very realistic, and will be greatly appreciated by all Star Trek fans.

The bathroom is also in a Star Trek theme and even has a schematic of Voyager to look over whilst you shower. The whole house has overhead diffuse lighting, which is what gives each room its unique, space-like glow. One thing I noticed was the lack of windows and natural light….maybe Tony was worried the glass would smash once in space, after all a space shuttle’s windows are made from aluminium silicate and fused silica glass that has a 1.3 inch thick optical pane and an external. Anglian’s window glass is only 4mm thick, so definitely wouldn’t survive outer space.

Below is a video tour around Tony Alleyne’s flat by the man himself.

However, this is not the only house to have had a Star Trek makeover. Steve Nighteagle from Colorado, USA has been redecorating his home over the last four years to create this incredible home.

Steve Nighteagle's house Self destruct sequence

This house isn’t complete yet and still has four rooms that haven’t been converted into a Star Trek Voyager room, but it does have an impressive Federation room, a nice kitchen area and each door is shaped like the ones from the programme. It is a very futuristic home and although it is based on the famous Star Trek space ship, it is surprisingly homely.

Steve Nighteagle's Star Trek Kitchen

Image sourced from Wenn

Another reason this Star Trek home may feel more homely is because of the natural light. There are regular windows that allow light in and have an Earth view, but they have obviously had a Trekkie makeover to keep in theme.

Steve Nighteagle's house Control room

Now, I am intrigued to know what Steve Nighteagle has planned for the other four rooms in his house and his sleeping quarters. Will he go too far or create a Star Trek masterpiece?

So, there you have two amazingly detailed houses that are a salute to Captain Kirk and his crew. Could you live in a house like this? If you could replicate a house from any film, what would it be?

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