Luxury Bedrooms vs Minimalist Bedrooms: which one is for you?

The master bedroom is the sanctuary of the house, where we go to unwind, relax and, of course, sleep. When looking to achieve a serene environment there are a number of interior design tips and tricks you can turn to in order to help create this.

Many choose to opt for a luxurious feel in the bedroom as this often goes hand in hand with comfort. However, minimalist bedroom designs are also growing ever more popular due to their effect on the ambience of the room.

So, which one achieves the greatest comfortable sleeping space?

Luxury bedrooms


We’ve all been promised ‘luxurious’ bedrooms when booking a hotel, but what is it that makes this type of decor so appealing? Many common features of a plush bedroom include grand beds, elaborate furnishings and intricate patterned walls.

Minimalist bedrooms


Arguably a more modern approach is to keep things simple, uncluttered and calm. Minimalist design has a heavy emphasis on reducing mess to keep spaces relaxing and contemporary, with the use of clean lines and functional – as well as attractive – furniture.

Achieving the looks for a comfortable space

If you like the luxury feel, there are ways in which you can incorporate it into a space that is made for sleeping and relaxing, rather than just admiring your deluxe pieces. Likewise, if minimalism is more your thing, you can use the elements and principles of it to create a comfortable room that also feels lived in.


The colours you opt for will of course be the centre focus of any interior design. Whilst it can be tempting to go for a wash of colours that are regarded as relaxing to create a relaxing atmosphere, using a neutral base palette can, in fact, be far more effective. Starting with a foundation of colours like beige, magnolia and brown, you can then build on this depending on your tastes. For a luxurious feel that would rival even the most glamorous hotels, choose to accent features with rich purples, royal blues or metallics for a regal feel, with accessories like throw pillows and beddings. For a minimalist approach, keep things earthy and natural to aid the warmth of the room.



As well as the bed, think about other important furnishings and features that will tell the story of your room. You could even add interesting accessories to the bed to make it a decor piece in itself. Upholstering a headboard, for example, can be really effective. Opt for patterned or plain for a plush or relaxed feel.


Lighting is a key feature when it comes to setting a mood and creating an atmosphere. Make the most of your natural light for a real soothing feel. Set off your bedroom windows with soft or focal point drapes. Blinds are also great for a more contemporary feel as they are unfussy and sleek. Match the curtains with the bedding to create a sense of harmony that will aid the tone of the room, and to really help reinstate the feeling of the relaxing refuge.

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