These are the 5 Best Interior Design Apps you can get for iPhone & iPad


Colour chart apps, room measuring tools & room budget planners. We now have enough smartphone technology to make our interior design quests easily satiable without spending too much, leaving you to spend all of your hard-earned cash on gold sofas and other fabulous furniture.

Long gone are the days where homeowners hire an expensive interior design specialist, paying through the nose as they analyse your colour schemes and chi flow, all the while stroking their jacobean ruff. That’s what happened when I hired one, at least.

The Best Colour scheme App

Peppermint 2


£1.99 – iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

This colour-choosing app is great for creating your own harmonious colour schemes and palettes. You can also choose from a selection of pre-made colour schemes. There’s nothing complicated about this colour app. It’s just plan useful.



Layout & Measuring Apps

Interior Design

app-int-design-clip£6.99 –  iPad

This one made the Top 50 iPad apps from TIME Magazine, so you can use that to ignore the price a little.

You can draw out a floor plan in 2D, render it in 3D, add in objects to the room, change colours, change floors, then change your mind and change it all again. I like this app.

Sun Seeker


Sun Seeker has a number of impressive uses for home buyers, gardeners and interior designers. An ‘Augmented Reality Camera’ in 3D view shows you the angle and brightness of the sun.

This has obvious implications in your home. Firstly, you can choose to buy it or not (say no to shady lawns), but you can also use it to align your interiors correctly.


Knowing the angle of the sun shining through your windows can tell you a few things:

  • You can make sure your TV isn’t going to get full glare in summer evenings when you watch it most.
  • Bookshelves, wooden furniture and other fade-vulnerable items can be kept out of the sun for the most part.
  • Any Ancient Romans can make sure they’re facing the right way when worshipping Apollo.



Their App Store description does a good job in saying ‘use Skitch to snap it, mark it up with simple tools, and send it on in an instant.’ To describe that in a less wonderfully-catchy and succinct way, I would say this app is useful for photographing your rooms, drawing on measurements, notes, or cute messages, then sending on to your wife, boyfriend, builder, whoever will accept it really.

Summary: this is great for those weekends off work when two of you have to split up and dance around town, picking up all the new bits for your new rooms.

Inspiration Material

Phaidon Design Classics


The design classics app from Phaidon reads more like a posh scrapbook than anything else. It serves as an inspirational platform, showing you quirky, vintage or groundbreaking designs that you can draw upon and apply to your own interior design.

Even where the things shown aren’t interior design items, you can still get something from it. Imagine using a retro Morris Minor design to deck out your entrance hall. I’m not saying it’s physically possible, but it would be cool.

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