Four interior design trends for 2013

Today we have a guest post from the lovely people at discussing some of the trends for 2013. Do you like to keep up with the trend or try to set it?

Zen Minimalism

Zen minimalism

London-based interior designers Increation say that “Far Eastern influences are going to be everywhere during the Spring Summer season of 2013”, with a soft Zen minimalism reflecting “an aesthetic of empty or open spaces”

Although today’s minimalism is often credited to the simple unfussy Scandinavian designs of the 50s and 60s, its origin goes back to the ancient Japanese Zen philosophers and their principle of Ma, bringing simplicity that transmits freedom and the essence of living. The designs of those clever Scandinavians, however, will fit in perfectly.

As well as soft natural colours and uncluttered clean spaces, links to the outdoors help with this trend. If you are not lucky enough to throw your space open to the outdoors with bi-fold doors or large glass panels, a key fabric or wall paper panel of soft Japanese blossom or acer can help bring the outside in, as well as healthy planting or grasses or bamboo or smooth stones carefully placed in the space.

Those of us who aspire to this trend – but simply have too many belongings to de-clutter successfully – must also look to great storage ideas to enable the look.

A wall of smooth reflective units in pale colours helps a small space, while natural wood with accents of black bring the oriental influence to a large space when paired with pale walls and light wood floors. Bespoke furniture makers will work with you to create the perfect hidden storage for your minimal look.

Emerald City

Emerald City

Staying in the realm of all things natural, Pantone have named Emerald as the colour for 2013, and all things green are springing up as a result. Used as an accent colour with pale neutral backgrounds, or making bold statements throughout the space, green is everywhere.

Designers are using the colour across rooms like entryways and small bathrooms to create a luxurious feel. For a dining room, coloured walls teamed with pale curtains and floors are reversing the previous living rooms trend of using colour in the fabrics and accent walls.

Wallpapers featuring natural leaves and outdoor influences are also popular, as is green glass used in ornaments, tiles or feature walls.

Rich Comfort

Rich comfort bedroom

Used either sparingly in the trends mentioned so far, or as part of a richer design, comfort and luxury are playing their part in fabric and upholstery trends this year, with velvet, chunky knits and embroidery or tapestry all playing their part.

Designers are using velvets and knits in throws and cushions across bedrooms and living rooms, as well as some plump velvet upholstery being seen. The velvet is tending towards bright colours and the knits in natural tones, but these ideas are interchangeable.

Knitted influences are even being seen in garden furniture and ornamental pieces with macramé style wired chairs, vases and votives. At the Ideal Home Show, it was hard to move without seeing a wired knitted animal!

Florals and Fifties

Patterned wallpaper
The trends for dense floral and classic fifties prints have been around for a number of years, but it really is a trend that just won’t lie down.

This year the floral designs are being incorporated into white and airy rooms, with the bold patterns mixed for a great effect, building texture into feature walls, curtains and upholstery.

The fifties designs are a great match for the new trend in greens, since limes and sage are already prominent in many classics. The simple curves of fifties sofas and armchairs are sporting sage and pistachio in many showrooms, and the classic prints are just made to accompany these, along with Ercol influenced tables and sideboards completing the look.

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