Beautiful Banisters: 8 Stunning Examples


Although often overlooked, the staircase is a key focal point of any domestic setting. As the stairs and their accompanying handrail are mostly thought of as a utilitarian safety feature, even in a country as obsessed with interior design as Britain, many people never consider transforming their bland banisters into something more beautiful.

Having a quick look at trusted industry sites will reveal that redesigning your banister isn’t as tricky as it looks. Much cheaper than repainting the whole house or buying new carpeting, installing a beautifully crafted banister is one of the quickest ways to freshen up a dull entrance hall or create visual interest in your home. If you want to bolster your banister but don’t know where to start, join us as we count down eight of the most stunning (and inspirational) banisters designs.

1. Painting your banisters in the same colours which you have chosen to decorate your home is the best way to increase the feeling of space and light. The understated and elegant criss-cross pattern of this banister add texture and a much needed sense of depth to this classic, contemporary hallway by mimicking the clean lines that appear around the space. Offset with a geometric patterned rug and a natural table, the banister pictured above feels like an organic and purposeful (yet fun) design.

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2. This stunning banister design is truly a labour of love. Carved from wood and varnished to perfection, this wonderful twisted tree root makes a quirky accent set in the middle of a domestic space. The bright blue pastel walls emphasise this unique banister without letting it dominate the room (green for instance might have been too obvious) whilst the wooden floors give a nod to notions of the organic and the natural. Whilst a dramatic banister like this might not be to everyone’s taste, it certainly provides ample inspiration. stunning-laboured-banister-design image source

3. A metal stair railing interior like this one might not fit in every home but it isn’t as difficult to recreate this design as you might think. By tiling your entrance stairs and hall and enlisting the help of professionals, you could create a dramatic and characterful banister in no time at all. The fantastic geometric pattern on the tile is complimented beautifully by the intricate iron framework whilst the wooden handrail keeps the design from feeling too clinical and cold. metal-stail-railing-interior image source

4. This wild, whacky and fun staircase features a banister which closely resembles Swiss cheese! Perfect for creative types who want to inject a sense of fun in to their environment, this banister design might be bold but it integrates well in to the space. Its circular cut-outs perfectly complement the array of bright and colourful accessories (such as the Perspex lamp) in the room. A banister design like this manages to harmonise with the existing apartment whilst elevating the aesthetics of the home. wild-whacky-fun-staircase image source

5. With this design, the staircase and banisters have quite literally become the backbone of the home! Bold, unique and bordering on the comedic this fantastic staircase certainly provides a talking point. Combining wooden steps with a carefully crafted metal spine and vertebrae designed to replicate a spinal column; this piece adds an element of fun which reinforces the notion that a home is a mechanical, man-made extension of the body. Glass on the sides ensure the steps are safe and functional whilst allowing light to pass through and illuminate the metal. stunning-design-of-banister-backbone-skeleton-metal image source

6. This cool nautical design is a great nod to contemporary styles. Whilst there is no denying the style is quite austere, it adds some exciting texture to the staircase and is much softer than a traditional handrail. This would also be a good design for those looking for space saving measures that actually add to the aesthetics of the home. Functional, sensuous and spatially efficient, a rope banister is a great way to open up your staircase. banister-32mm-cotton-rope-with-bespoke-brackets image source

7. This glorious staircase and banister perfectly complements its surroundings. Acting as an extension of the parquet graphic design, the beautiful wood lines are not only sensuous and stylish, but feel like a very natural continuation of the existing d├ęcor, curling up from the floor to form the delicate edge of the stair treads themselves. This design would be perfect for people keen on natural materials that will last for years to come. Unique-Stairs-Design-Inspiration image source

8. If you are lucky enough to have a centrally positioned staircase like this one, your choices for design are almost limitless. This design is a modern twist on an old classic, incorporating a leaf pattern iron banister and marble steps to create an impressively dramatic focal point for the foyer. The designer has chosen materials that perfectly complement the copious amounts of light that enter the space through the massive windows. modern-spiral-staircases-with-leaf-plant-pattern-iron-banister-decoration image source

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