The 7 Best Types of Art Prints for any Homeowner


When choosing art for your home, it can be difficult to know what to opt for in terms of style, size, theme and colour. Unfortunately, there’s no simple rule for selecting the perfect portrait for your space, as different designers have differing opinions on which type of art will fit where.

However, there are some types of art that are generally universal for any space. We’ve selected 7 types that would be perfect for any homeowner, to hopefully make shopping for prints that little bit easier!

1. Wall-filling show stoppers

Large wall art

If you have a big piece of wall to fill…don’t be afraid to fill it! Many homeowners shy away from utilising all the wall space at their disposal in fear of a big picture being too overwhelming, and this is a huge shame. Big pictures can really transform a room in terms of altering the focus and atmosphere, so if there’s a big piece of art that you love, go for it!

Laura Hol

Ridge‘ – Laura Hol

2. Modern pieces regardless of the setting

Abstract Modern Nursery Painting

Who said that traditional rooms need traditional art? In fact, as the picture above proves, using a modern print in a room with more classic decor can be really effective and beautiful, even in a child’s nursery! Mixing the old and new is really on trend right now and likewise, the effect can work really well the other way around – using a traditional print in a modern space.

Hawkeshead Framed Print

Hawkshead Framed Print – Jacky Al-Samarraie 

3. Opting for the abstract

Blue Print on Living Room Wall

Abstract art is a surprisingly safe option that will work in pretty much any space. Choose a piece with a statement colour from the room in question to tie everything together and to add another bright element to the space. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, you can always opt for really bright, busy pictures like the one below.

Abstract Print

Pots of Gold‘ –

4. Dramatic, elegant pieces

Photo Collage

Opting for selections like figurative prints, black and white or other simply elegant choices are perfect for adding an element of femininity and class to a room; particularly the bedroom. You don’t even need to just stick to one piece either if there are a few that you like, as the photo collage above proves.

Kissing In Paris


Kissing in Paris‘ – Graham & Brown

5. Sticking with the classics

Pop Art at Home

If you’re a real art fanatic, indulge yourself and go for a classic piece of awe inspiring artwork for your space. This option is surprisingly good for those who don’t claim to know much about art either, as you can’t really go wrong with a classic. Have a look around at modern vs. traditional pieces to see which era appeals to you, and what styles you like to help make a great choice.

Vase of Irises


Vase of Irises‘ – Van Gogh

6. Artwork based on your personality or photographs

Black and White Picture

If you’ve got lots of photos of you and your family travelling, for example, why not opt for a large printed map or elegant city skyline? This will give the artwork a sense of belonging in your home and will ensure that it actually means something, rather than just looking pretty. This idea links in with matching your interior also; like the example above, choose a pattern or theme you like from an element of your interior (such as the cushions in this example) and see if you can find artwork that replicates or uses that in an interesting way.

World Map

World Map – IKEA

7. Make your own!


Nothing is more rewarding than admiring work you’ve done yourself every day, except maybe the knowledge of the fact that it didn’t cost you anything! It’s the ideal option if you can’t find something you really like, and if you fancy getting arty. Modern abstract paintings in particular can be created relatively easily and the bonus is with this is that you can use the colours from your room to make it match completely.

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