The True Cost of DIY


How to reinvent your home without paying over the odds

With spring on the way, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about renovating your home. The new season will bring new interior trends, spring cleaning and those DIY jobs you’ve been putting off all winter.

If your house is in need of some attention but you’re put off by the cost, fear not, we’re here to help. Industry experts have provided us with their best tips on how to add new life to your home on a budget.

Follow your heart… and auction websites

Interiors and lifestyle blogger, Amanda Cotton, encourages people to keep their home personal and not be afraid to diverge away from trends. She said: “One of my best tips is to follow your heart, and not be led by key design trends in your home, like the industrial trend. I think it’s great to buy key pieces, but always mix things up. Items that are so obviously a trend tend to look out of date quicker.

“Shop around for furniture and lighting fixtures on auction sites, such as eBay and Gumtree. You could get a bargain antique crystal chandelier for the same price as buying a new plastic version from well known high street retailers. Furniture items can also be reupholstered so shop around and don’t be afraid to give things a go yourself. All it can take is a Youtube video and a nail gun, and off you go.”

Take what’s old and make it better than new

You can save a lot of money on furniture if you bypass buying something new. Design and project manager at Nova Interiors, Ian Jones said: “Recover furniture instead of buying new! Most frames are sturdy enough, so all you need is new foam and fabric and they’re as good as or better than new.”

Stick to small updates that make a big difference

Sarah Chadwick, head of marketing at Better Bathrooms has some great advice on how to reinvent your bathroom without having to replace everything entirely. “Updating your bathroom on a budget is easier than you may think, stick to small updates that can make a world of difference.

“Update bathroom cabinets with a lick of paint and replace hardware with a new design for a fresh new look. Similarly, look to change your sink and bath faucets, in line with your new bathroom style, rather than replacing the entire unit.”

Get crafty 

By creating your own designs, items and personalisations, you can make a huge difference to your interior. Spencer Brookes Designs’ Charlotte Broadway offers a simple way to add new decor for only a few pounds. “Buy cheap items you can decorate yourself. We do large and light weight items that you can spray paint at home for under a tenner.”

Keep an eye on social media

Finally, always keep a look out on social media pages for people selling, or giving away, old household items. Lou Crane, an interior bargain hunter has had some fantastic luck. “Freecycle and local Facebook pages are your friends. I have one called ‘Back Lane finds’ where everyone posts anything that is left in the back alleys.

“One person’s trash is another treasure and all that, I have picked up so many handy finds just from people living in my area.”

There are so many ways you can breathe new life into a room by dressing up your windows. Here at Anglian Home Improvements we recommend being bold with your curtains, just this slight change can make your whole room feel updated. If curtains aren’t your thing then you can get creative with cheap wood shutters, rustic blinds or a valance.

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