Your guide to energy ratings on Anglian windows

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With washing machines, an A-rated appliance can save you pounds on your bills and reduce your carbon footprint. And it’s no different with windows….

Double glazed windows can be given a specific energy efficiency rating by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), an independent body that provides an effective measure of the thermal efficiency of windows, but only if a company submits them for verification. Such standards are important and your best guide to the energy efficiency of a company’s products.

The fenestration ratings, which run from a scale of A (the best) to G, help identify the most energy-efficient windows and allow customers to compare products. Currently, the Building Regulations requirement is set at level E for replacement windows in England and Wales (level D in Scotland), although the threshold recommended from the Energy Saving Trust (EST) is C. The BFRC has verified that Anglian’s standard casement window (White Knight, White Woodgrain, Rich Mahogany, Rosewood and Dual Finish) is B-rated.

These B-rated windows are well ahead of the basic building regulation requirement. You can also easily upgrade to Anglian’s A-rated windows – the highest industry rating available.

“The BFRC has verified that Anglian’s Standard casement window is B-rated”

brated table



  • A rating – The highest industry rating available as an optional upgrade with Anglian.


  • B rating – Now available as standard on Anglian’s PVCU casement windows.


  • C rating – The recommended threshold for energy saving windows.


  • D rating – Building Regulations requirement for replacement windows in Scotland.


  • E rating – Building regulations requirement for replacement windows in England and Wales.





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