What does your home say about your style?


With so many designs and styles of home, old and traditional to new and modern across the country; sometimes it is difficult to think about how we would like them to look, but your  home is always a statement about you and how you like to live.  The look could be traditional on the outside but modern on the inside, or country on the outside but contemporary on the inside. There are so many options.

For those of us who have recently moved or are planning to move, friends and family more often than not suggest that we live in our homes for a few weeks or months before we make any changes. Changes can range from decorating, the installation of new windows and doors or substantial changes like adding a new conservatory or knocking down or adding walls.

You and your family have to understand how you will live in your home, what rooms will be used for, what furniture suits certain rooms, as well as where the sun rises and sets through your windows, where it casts light and what paint colours you will use on the walls – these things can all add to the mood of your home.

Equally your home can look as you want it to by changing the items that we see from the outside i.e.  the style and colour of the doors and windows, adding window boxes, sofits, guttering and a conservatory, these things can all give a whole new look and lease of life to your home.


UPVC window box

UPVC Window boxes

So when you are thinking about the style of your property, think how you would like it to look;

– Contemporary = sleek, industrial elements i.e. stainless steel, glass, stone; bold colours or natural colours.

– Traditional = classic, comfort, luxury, natural finishes i.e. wood, marble, granite, soft natural colours with accent colours.

– Country = casual, traditional, antique, natural wood finishes, country colours, vintage

– Luxury = opulent, extravagant, elegant, high end fixtures, bright bold colours, natural finishes i.e. stone, marble, gold, expensive fixtures

When family, friends and visitors walk up the path to your home, generally the first thing they see is your welcoming front door.  Having a smart front door with coordinating door furniture adds to the welcome, along with flowers in a hanging basket or a tub.  The flowers can be changed according to the season and can add colour to a sometimes bland or forgotten location.  For a more regal look you could add a structured plant like a topiary tree. A smart front door and flowers will add a smile to your face and an added welcome for visitors.


Classic Door

Classic Door

Our gardens say a lot about us as people and when we approach our homes we like them to look well kept.  We create a particular garden style that becomes an extension of our homes and our personalities.   The garden can be transformed into outside rooms with different styles of planting and uses for the areas. They can be minimalistic like a Japanese garden or full of plants, colours and smells like a traditional English garden.  Which ever look you choose, they need to be aesthetically pleasing to the owners eye.

An English garden from Hampton Court

The Poets’ Retreat – Hampton Court Flower Show 2012

People can get very absorbed in their gardens and what a great hobby and interest to have.  However absorbed you are in having the immaculate garden, the latest garden ornament/gadget or by having an array of plant pots to water it can make your garden labour intensive. Remember to spend time sitting, relaxing and enjoying in the areas you have created.


Live outdoors - Hampton Court Flower show

Live Outdoors – Hampton Court Flower Show 2012

If you are stuck for garden inspiration and wanting some ideas why not tune in to the new ITV1 series on a Tuesday evening called Love my Garden which is hosted by Alan Titchmarsh and co-hosted by David Domoney.

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