Vertical Streets

By on 22nd July in Home Inspiration

I am always looking at new and inventive ideas (probably because I am not clever enough to think of my own) and happened to come across this blog.

Rising land prices seems to mean rising buildings in major cities, so CK Designs have come up with this Vertical Street idea to help conquer the ever decreasing green spaces.

The major cities of the world are continuously expanding, which means green spaces are disappearing so it is essential that ideas like this are being implemented, as they are promoting sustainability, energy efficiency and providing a different kind of green space for communities – by putting them into these skyscrapers.

Trees are going to be built into the architecture, rainwater will be utilised by the building and used to water the plants and trees and also be used as toilet water for flushing in the apartments. The plants will be grown in special planters that are sturdy enough to support the weight of the soil and trees.

To continue its green theme, the apartments will be fitted with heat reflective glass and the skyscraper will take advantage of the Australia sun with solar panels to produce electricity. Smaller pipes are also being used to decrease heat loss.

This project is due to be finished in 2014 in Melbourne, Australia and it is one project I shall be watching like a hawk as I am intrigued to see the end product.

Great idea, but how well is this going to do? Will it take off and be a hit with all major cities?

Can I see London with Vertical streets popping up? Yes. If it is a sustainable building that almost runs itself AND provides us with more “outdoor green areas” then why wouldn’t it work? You can be at the park, but under shelter, yet still taking advantage of natural light and fresh air.

I think when this one in Melbourne is complete we can get a better judgement and gauge how successful Vertical streets will be.

Here is a picture of my own Vertical Street;

My Vertical Street

Now, I am not an artist so I  do apologise for the quality, but I think it has some good components. It would obviously have the same qualities of the real Vertical Street, but with extras (some I haven’t drawn for obvious reasons)! As you can see I have put a community park and swimming pool in and I would also put a gym in somewhere, as exercise is a key component for healthy living. I think I would also put in a greenhouse on the roof maybe so the building has fresh fruit and vegetables to promote healthy eating.

There would be a lot more floors, with a lot more apartments and other areas, but I thought the apartments could have nice balconies for the view and an area to naturally dry clothes. The apartments would be fitted with energy efficient appliances and accessories to save on electricity. The windows of the apartments would also be energy efficient triple glazed windows to maximise heat retention and safety also.

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