Top 10 Creative Snowmen and outrageous Christmas decorations

By on 12th December in Home Inspiration

Christmas is fast approaching and with it always comes some outrageous Christmas decorations and (if we’re lucky) snow falls so children and adults alike build some incredibly creative snowmen. So, I’ve delved into the internet archives to uncover some incredible snowmen and shocking festive decorations.

Snowman and his dog

Snowman and his dog

Image sourced from bing

So, this is quite basic, but I love that these snowmen depict the perfect bond that humans and dogs have. It reminds me of  my little Yorkshire Terrior and me…although I’m not quite as rounded as this fine fellow. 🙂

Talented Snowman

 Handstand snowman (pinterest)

Image sourced from Pinterest

I loved this when I first saw it. Fun, different and well implemented. A classic fat snow man, stood on his head. #talent

Stay Puft Marshmallow Snowman

Stay puft snowman

Image sourced from

No, don’t worry it’s not real, nor is it a scene in Ghostbusters. Whoever created this brilliant marshmellow snowman, I salute you! Great attention to detail, although I’m pretty sure the body is that of the similar looking Michelin man; either way you get a big thumbs from me and this giant marshmallow/tyre man.

Snow Caterpillar

Caterpillar snowman

Image sourced from thecraftsdept.

Simple, cute and finessed. This little critter looks like he (not sure why it’s a he) should be in a winter edition of I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! Reckon you could eat him in a winter wilderness to win meals for your camp? Probably easier than some of the stuff they have to eat in the show!

Snowman Down

Snowman down

Image sourced from Flickr

This is yet another incredibly creative bit of snowman building. Although they aren’t huge, it has taken an imaginative person to create this scene and it’s one that made me chuckle! Where’s the moustached Poirot snowman to solve this tragic death?


Eyeball baubel

Image sourced from

 This is the bauble to put up in the house to make sure your children behave. Simply tell them this is how Santa knows whether they’ve been naughty or nice this year; you’re in for a blissful year. In all seriousness though, this is a creepy decoration to have and I’m not sure what it has to do with Christmas? Put your answers in the comment box below.

Visible from space

Is this house visible from space with all these lights?

Image sourced from

This reminds me of the film ‘Deck the Halls‘ starring Danny DeVito and Matthew Broderick, as two neighbours battle it our when DeVito does his own version of this house. It’s so bright (and noisy) it is visible from space! If you have a neighbour who insists on doing something similar every year, then ensure you have a very good set of blinds or blackout curtains, if not you may be in for a few sleepless nights.

Don’t be naughty

Bizarre tree decoration of Santa kidnapping

Image sourced from conmon007.blogspot

This is the weirdest tree decoration I have ever seen! Why is Santa kidnapping a child? This is not something I recommend anyone buys, hangs on their trees or shows their children.

Santa hit and run

Santa car accessory

Image sourced from

This is a very random and amusing way to decorate your car for Christmas. Probably not one to show the kids if they’re still believers, but a great one for the adults as you pull up to your friends ready for a few sherries.

Satan or Santa?

This video below is a Japanese Christmas figurine, but it is probably the guy from the car brought back to life looking for revenge. Watch, shudder and try not to freak out if you hear a jingle on Christmas Eve.


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