The Tories have pledged to assist homeowners planning to make energy-efficient home improvements if they are elected.

By on 3rd December in Home Inspiration

The Tories have promised to support homeowners who make eco-friendly improvements to their properties by teaming up with major high-street names to offer deals and save money on bills in the future.

Replacing old windows with double glazing

Grant Shapps, the shadow housing minister, said that making the energy-efficient changes, like replacing old inefficient windows with  double glazing, will help to bring down heating bills over time and the party hopes to improve 25 million properties under the scheme.

“All you will see is lower bills with zero upfront cost. Under a Conservative government you will not have to imagine this scheme because the likes of Marks & Spencer and Tesco are already interested,” he said.

The shadow minister added that the scheme is a no-brainer because it allows the work to be paid for from energy bill savings.

In other news, the Independent recently reported on the savings which can be made through eco-friendly improvements, like installing double glazing.

Anglian Home Improvements have launched their own Window Scrappage scheme that gives you the opportunity to scrap your old windows for money towards new efficient double glazing.
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