The Best Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations

By on 22nd December in Home Inspiration

Christmas comes and goes in the blink of an eye. After spending hours meticulously decorating the tree and your home with beautiful ornaments, baubles and tinsel, you soon have to undo all of that good work and put it away ready for next year. The one concern is how do you store them all without them getting damaged?

Ornament Boxes

Baubles are delicate things of beauty, so you need to make sure none get damaged in transit from the tree to the loft or garage. One of the best types of storage boxes are these ones with dividers, giving each individual bauble or ornament a home that prevents them from moving around.

Store your baubles here and you’ll be able to use them year after year, safe in the knowledge they won’t get broken!

Bauble storage

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Christmas Light Storage Reel

Tangled Christmas lights is always a nightmare and probably the one thing that takes at least an hour longer to sort than it should. Every year you convince yourself you won’t make the same mistake again of bundling them into a box, but you do.

This clever reel ensures your Christmas lights don’t get tangled, nor do they get broken! You could probably use an old garden hose reel if you don’t want to purchase a specific lights one.

Christmas light reel


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Wreath Storage

If you’ve got an artificial wreath that looks stunning on your front door every year, it’s easy to ensure it stays looking fresh and fancy. These wreath storage bags protect it from the dust and dirt that may be floating around your loft or garage.

Wreath storage

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Christmas Tree Bags

As you’ve probably found, once you’ve got your artificial tree out of the box, it doesn’t fit back in there very well and over the years the box will deteriorate. Well, fear not, there are storage bags made specifically for artificial trees!

Large enough for most trees, these bags make storing and moving your Christmas tree a lot easier.

Tree bag

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Plastic Storage Boxes

If you’ve still got a lot of decorations without a home, go to your local hardware shop and buy a storage box big enough to store them. By buying a plastic storage box, you can stack more boxes on it, knowing the content inside won’t get squashed and broken.

Storage boxes

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If you’ve got any DIY storage ideas, we’d love to hear them! You can either comment below or comment on Facebook or Twitter.

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