The Anglian Difference…Sick of Summer Rain?

By on 3rd February in Home Inspiration

How often do you invite friends or family round during summer for a BBQ, only for it to rain on the day you arranged it? Lots?

Here at Anglian Home Improvements, our product development team have designed the saviour of the British summer with the Anglian Conservatory Veranda. This product cannot be found anywhere else!

The Verandah takes a stylish Anglian conservatory, expands the roof to create a sheltered area for sitting, barbequing or just having a drink watching the stars. This verandah is unique as it can be an extension at the front or sides of your conservatory, or even both ends if you desired.

Lovely Anglian conservatory verandah

Now, if you are concerned about wind, Anglian design each verandah conservatory to suit the individual requirements of each consumer, taking into account the environmental challenges and striving to conquer them. You will have no worries of waking up to your beautiful conservatory verandah being blown away into a neighbours garden. (An experience I had with a fabric gazebo)

It is also strong and sturdy enough to withstand the weight of winter snow storms too, so it will not collapse under the weight. With this sheltered areas it gives you the option of outdoor cooking all year round, depending on whether you are prepared to stand in the cold barbequing your sausages.

Be it sun, rain or snow there could not be a more comfortable place to enjoy the seasons weather.

Anglian Home Improvements developing new ideas to maximise the value and use of your home. For more information on Anglian conservatory verandas visit the website.

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