The Anglian Difference… Is Your Garage Door Stylish and Secure?

By on 21st February in Home Inspiration

When it comes to garage doors, I’m sure its a struggle to find one that is both stylish and secure! It’s not like you can nip down to Argos to get one.

Well, at Anglian we will take care of the whole installation, from start to finish, ensuring you that the door is made and installed to our rigorous specifications. With a wide range of garage doors available to you, we are sure you will find a door to suit your home, which is then hand made to give top quality and attention to detail.

Anglian garage doors are made from rugged, durable Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) which is an incredibly strong and robust material, which is highly resistant to accidental damage. It’s also commonly used to make the hulls of yachts and boats, somewhere your life really depends on strength and durability. Our garage doors are not just your bog standard, run of the mill tin ones, if you get the Flush Finish door it has a 40mm thick layer of thermally efficient foam insulation, which is designed to keep the warmth in and the cold out! This level of insulation makes it ideal for keeping more than just the car in the garage, no more worrying about the effects of damp and cold.

Anglian garage doors can be made in a variety of colours to make sure the style matches that of your home, choose from our range of finishes such as Mahogany, Golden Oak or Dark Oak. Its not just the colour and style you can personalize, as you get to choose how the door is going to open. This ranges from an electric roller to sectional and one piece all of which Anglian will give the highest standard of service to, ensuring all wiring and structural work is done to give you peace of mind that you are in safe, professional hands.

Anglian Garage door installation

These doors are built to the highest levels of security, thanks to their robust material and secondly thanks to the top notch locking mechanisms. All our doors are built with retractable door gear, if it is electric it will open and close automatically locking securely at the touch of a button. With the electric doors you don’t even have to have a handle anymore, but have the option, along with a security light that comes on automatically when the remote is operated. If for some reason the remote doesn’t work there is an emergency exterior release mechanism that can be installed. If you do not have an electric garage door, you will have a solid handle with key lock.

Now you know how insulated, safe and stylish our garage doors are, what is the installation like? Anglian will visit to take the measurements before your garage door is hand made to your specifications. The old door is then removed along with the door gear and maybe the frame if needs be, all of which we then dispose of in accordance to our environmental responsibilities. If a new frame is required, this is fitted first. Next comes the door and door gear, and if you chose an electric door all wiring goes in now. Finally thorough checks are done to make sure your door sits flush, balanced and opens and closes with ease. We will then give you a demonstration to make sure you are 100 happy before cleaning up, leaving you with a fully functional garage again.

New Anglian Garage Door

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