The Anglian Difference… Are Your Windows Secure?

By on 11th February in Home Inspiration

When you leave the house, either on the way to work or perhaps just picking the kids up from school, do you check to make sure that all your windows are shut?

No, I mean really check that they have been shut properly and the lock is secure?

Do you sometimes get that annoying little voice in the back of mind, making you doubt yourself on whether you really did lock those windows in your bedroom?

We at Anglian are proud of our windows being secure, which is why security is our number one priority.

We make all of our products from scratch, so you know that when you order windows from us that they don’t just come box standard, we specifically make them from your measurements, so we have total control over the production!

All our windows come with advanced safety and security features to give you peace of mind, which is an integral aspect in the design and construction of all our products.

Whichever window style you choose in whatever material we have available, they’ve been designed specifically to withstand forced entry from any thief, with a huge range of tried and tested high security features.

As you can see from the picture below, we asked a professional burglar tried to break into our Anglian window and spectacularly failed! He then finally gave up and  chose 3 more houses on the same road, which were not fitted with Anglian windows, and managed to break into all 3 without breaking a sweat. That’s because we at Anglian always raise the standard.

PVC-U Window broken into

On almost all of our windows, apart from egress windows, they are fitted with key hole handles. Okay, so I can hear you say to yourself  “Well my windows have those anyway, what makes yours so special?” Well, hang on as I’m now getting to the good part.

On our uPVC casement windows for example, they operate highly efficient shoot bolts that hold the window closed deep into the frame, which gives extra security against forced entry and helps to keep the casement closed firmly into the frame.

Our uPVC windows are not only internally glazed and beaded, which makes it impossible for the glass unit to be removed from the outside without smashing it, but in certain locations where specific building regulations require, we can also fit the windows with fire egress hinges and toughened glass for security and safety.

If you have any more questions about the security of our windows then drop us an email to let us know.

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