Star gazing through your Conservatory

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What can you see through your conservatory roof?  Does it need cleaning to appreciate the full extent of those wonderful views that are above?  But, before you rush out to remove the dust, grime and mould, take a step back, think…DON’T stand on your glass or polycarbonate roof, if you can not reach to clean it.

The roof may need cleaning from time-to-time, depending on the direction your conservatory is facing and where you live.  There will be varying amounts of dust, lichens and bird droppings that will need to be cleaned off, to ensure you have a clear view.

Most conservatory roof cleaning can be carried out from the ground with a telescopic poled brush and an attached water feed or hose.  If your roof is too high to reach, we would recommend that you search for a specialist glass roof and window cleaner in your area that could help you.


Anglian Conservatory roof

Anglian conservatory roof

First of all check what type of roof you have and tailor your cleaning materials and routine accordingly.

For those of you wishing to save money with a home made solution to clean your glass, suggestions are many.  I have tried mixing a cleaning solution in a bucket, but a hand spray pump can also be used (adjusting quantities used accordingly to the container size):-

– Warm water (hand hot)

– A splash of a mild soap

– 2 caps of white vinegar

– Use a soft long handled brush to loosen the dirt.  Stubborn stains may need to be gently rubbed before rinsing with clean water.

– Hose down with cold water to leave it streak free and clean.

– Clean the roof when the sun is not shining to stop the glass appearing streaky once dried.

Always remember when handling cleaning chemicals, to be careful and wear protective eye glasses, gloves and old clothes.

Warm soapy water should shift most of the dirt, although if you want to try and clean your glass roof there are many cleaners available.  Always check the cleaning instructions provided by the installer/manufacturer as these may vary for glass and polycarbonate roofs.  Be aware that some cleaners may affect the chemical coatings that have been applied by the manufacturer to shield it from UV rays.

If your conservatory has a polycarbonate roof, you should not scrub it with brushes, avoid all abrasives and cleaners with an alkaline composition; never use any petrol based cleaner and finally, avoid cleaning the polycarbonate on very hot days.

The Plough - Prof Ian Morison

Image from Prof Ian Morison

A clear roof allows you to enjoy views throughout the year, whatever the weather, bringing the outside in. With the unique solaroof systems that Anglian offer, they reduce the sun’s glare and heat passing through the roof,  helping to control the temperature of the conservatory during the summer and winter months.  The roofing systems are designed to be load bearing to cope with heavy snow falls and can withstand extreme weather conditions, but still it is not something that you should stand on.

If you have cleaned your roof, and it now gives you a perfect view of the sky, what star constellations can you see?  Do you know what they are?  We all live in this wonderful world and sometimes just don’t spend enough time looking above our heads.

With the recent excitement of Meteor showers over the country and the NASA Curiosity Rover landing on Mars, we have all been raising our eyes to the sky; whether we have been outside in the fresh air viewing with the naked eye or from the warm confines of our conservatory.

After recently visiting one of our beautiful National Trust properties at Blickling for a rousing “Last Night of the Proms” concert, the evening with friends could only be topped off when looking to the sky by seeing a shooting star……..and guess what……. I did!  How excited I was to make my special wish, which still remains my secret.

Enjoy spotting your special stars the next time you look up.


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