Master the Art of the Kitchen Splashback

By on 23rd June in Home Inspiration

Once upon a time, the humble kitchen splashback was used purely for practical and functional purposes, protecting your kitchen walls from messy food stains and unwanted splashes – but things have changed. The splashback is now a statement piece with the potential to add a luxurious touch to your kitchen’s decor and, indeed, your home as a whole.

With a wide array of striking styles available, from swanky stainless steel to earthy granite, every homeowner can find a splashback that perfectly complements their kitchen – and in today’s post, we’re giving you the interior design inspiration to find your ideal match.

Kitchen splashback

It’s a Material World

Finding the right material for your splashback can be the hardest part of the process. When deciding which finish is the one for you, there are a number of influential factors to consider – namely affordability, style and, of course, upkeep. Materials such as granite and marble are hard to maintain, as they’re easily stained and require sealing – although they do offer an elegant solution to the splashback. If you’re on the hunt for a low maintenance option, kitchen tiles in materials such as porcelain or ceramic are far easier to keep clean and tidy.

Making it Your Own

Many homeowners look to create a living space that reflects their identity – and the good news is that this personal touch can be echoed throughout your kitchen. There are a number of unique ways to inject personality into your home decor, including photo prints, custom accessories and creative colour combos – and when it comes to practical additions, such as the splashback, style doesn’t have to take a backseat. By using yours as a focal point in your kitchen’s overall design, you can combine fashion with function and create a powerful interior scheme with the splashback at its centre.

If you’re struggling for design inspiration, we’ve got a few atmospheric colour ideas to get your kitchen splashback started.

Natural and Earthy

Natural and earthy splashback

If you’d like to introduce a natural, rustic feel to your home decor, it’s easy to achieve this earthy aesthetic in your kitchen splashback. Wood effect tiles are guaranteed to evoke the folksy style you’re looking for. Try tumbled tiles to add an earthier feel to your kitchen – using colours such as browns, dark greens and plums to add a sense of richness to the room. Decorate your kitchen to match these earthy undertones: think wooden wine and spice racks.

Cool and Contemporary

Cool and contemporary kitchen splashback

If you have a modern kitchen, sticking to a more rigid, monochrome colour scheme for your splashback can help to retain this sense of contemporary class. Shades of grey, black and white can make your kitchen splashback particularly powerful, with strategic pops of colour here and there – while geometric shapes are sure to add some cool minimalism to the overall aesthetic. Although granite and marble tiles can be a little more expensive, these materials are ideal for adding a more modern touch – making sure your kitchen stays squeaky clean and stands out.

Bright and Beautiful

Bright and beautiful kitchen splashback

If you want your splashback to match a more homely interior, consider some more comforting tones – such as deep reds or yellows – and don’t forget the impact that certain shades can have on our state of mind. If you’d like your kitchen to serve as a centre of calmness within your home, opt for some tranquil blues – as these light, bright shades are proven to help homeowners find zen.

Whether you’re looking to create your own rustic paradise at home or you’re set on cutting-edge kitchen decor, there’s a splashback solution that’s right for you. Practical interiors don’t have to mean sacrificing style – and tiling your kitchen splashback is an easy and effective way to make the most functional room in your home as fashionable as possible, whatever your tastes.

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