Last attempt to help the windows scrappage scheme through government


The National Window Scrappage Scheme petition created by the Glass and Glazing Federation is coming to an end and we hope to see a response from the government soon. The deadline for the petition is next Wednesday 24th so if you agree that it would be a good idea for homeowners to get £1000 scrappage for their old windows towards new energy efficient double glazing, then sign up and spread the word!

The petition has already achieved over 4,400 signatures of support.

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The scheme aims to:

“Allow for an improvement to the existing housing stock to reduce Carbon and CO2 emissions and cut household energy bills. The Scheme to be open only to companies who professionally install windows with a C Window Energy Rating or above and who responsibility recycle the existing windows that are removed.”

Months ago the 500 signature threshold was reached meaning a response to the petition from number 10 Downing Street is required.

Please sign the National Window Scrappage Scheme petition and help the country make our houses more energy efficient!

The Anglian Blog Team

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